Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rockets Resign Von Wafer For Rest Of Season

The Houston Rockets today before the game vs the Clippers made some news by re-signing fan favorite Von Wafer who bought him self out of his contract from his Greek team so he could resign with the team he loves and that's the Houston Rockets! Von will take his physical today or tomorrow. Von could make his 09-10 season debut on Wednesday December 23rd vs the Orlando Magic.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rockets Win Vs OKC

The Rockets last night vs Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder won what must NBA people call a TRAP GAME! (Games that you should win but don't do to lack of effort) Rockets had ball movement and played very good defence. Landry continued to play very well at both ends of the court, scoring 21 points and bringing down 9 boards. Rookie Chase Budinger continues to impress as a 2nd round pick as he brings energy from the bench and his 3point shot! Budinger scored 16 points off 6-10 shooting. The Rockets controlled this game all night never leading the Thunder get back into it with good team play. Rockets won this game 105-94 and now will go to Dallas on Tuesday to play the Mavericks.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rockets Secret Weapon?

This a great article about the Rockets starting center this year Chuck Hayes and what he means to a under sized Houston Rockets roster. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rockets Lose Game Because of Refs!

The Houston Rockets last night faced an old team mate in Ron Artest and his new squad the L.A Lakers and as well for new Rocket Trevor Ariza who was with the Lakers last season and won a tittle with L.A. The Game was very exciting to watch as both teams seemed to go at it back and fourth. As for the first half the Rockets stayed with the Lakers with a balanced act from Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry who brought his post game with him to thte Toyota Center last night. As for the two guys facing there old teams Ron seemed to let the game come to him in the first half and played like the Ron of old, banging inside and playing the Artest signature defence. And for Trevor he was the complete other way forcing every shot and making mistakes passing the ball and dribbling in traffic. It was a great game to watch as the game came down to the last seconds. With the game tied at 89 the Lakers went back to Kobe as they were doing all night long! with a Rockets double team coming at him with 14 seconds left Kobe found the guy the Rockets and their fans did not want to have to ball to beat them and that was Ron who hit a three to give the Lakers a 92-89 lead with 14 seconds left. After a Rockets time out (Ron told the Toyota Center crowd to take a time out!) The Rockets got tangled up by the Lakers, with a jump ball being called with 8 seconds left the Rockets won the toss and with a Landry pass to who the Lakers did not want to have the ball, Trevor Ariza took the pass from Carl and nailed the three to tie the game up at 92 and sent the game to over time. In the Ot the Rockets stayed with Kobe and the Lakers till the last seconds of the OT with the Lakers leading by one Aaron Brooks drove to the basket and was fouled by Fisher, but the call was made WRONG! the Refs called a foul before the shot! The reply shows that AB was fouled while attempting to take the layup. With that VERY BAD call the Lakers left the Toyota Center with a one point win winning the game 103-102. Kobe went to the line 15 times helping his 41 point effort. As for the Ron Artest in his return to Houston he scored 15 points and had 6 rebounds. And for Ariza it was a night he would rather forget as he went 5-21 for 15 points and 9 rebounds. With the lost the Rockets fall to 3-2 and now will face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday. Fridays game will also be the game that the Rockets will wear there new Jerseys for the first time. The game will be at 7:30pm at the Toyota Center. Before i go i will like to give much deserve credit to Chuck Hayes who has played his tail off this season and without him we would NOT be 3-2 so thank you Chuck for your hard work!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rockets New Alternate Jersey Are Here!

The Houston Rockets tonight at there season ticket holder event introduced there new alternate jersey and there new slogan for the 09-10 season. The slogan is ''WE ARE RED NATION" its another one with RED, last years slogan was Get RED and the one before was different with Its TIME!. I like it some what, it just will take awhile to get use to it. And as for the Jerseys they are red with yellow trim with the word HOUSTON on them. Hopefully they will bring us good luck like the ones we had back in the championship years in 94 and 95! The Rockets will wear the alternate jerseys for the first time vs the Oklahoma City Thunder on November 6Th at the Toyota Center.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back To Earth?

The Rockets faced the Utah Jazz in Utah last night riding a 4 game road winning streak. The Rockets came out blazing for the first 1 minute or so taking a 5-0 lead but then let Utah bring it back to there style of game as the Rockets struggled to adapt to the game. Rockets had there chances to take the crowd out of it but they got to crazy with the 3 point shot taking one after the other! The other problem for the Rockets last night seemed to be there spacing they had no spacing it was always crowded in the paint forcing the 3 ball and at times taking the 3 with a hand in there face and that's not how you win basketball games in Utah! Rockets seemed to be out of it heading into the fourth Ron Artest tried to take the game under his wing but was not able to AB had a nice night holding his own vs Deron Williams but it was Brevin Knight playing better than Kyle Lowry and that was one key factor in the Rockets loss tonight besides all of the other stuff we talked about bench was not an issue for Houston Brent Barry missed like 3 straight 3s and Von could not get anything going to the basket as Utah got Utah calls all night long. There was really no one to blame for last nights loss but the team it self there was no FIRE tonight! Rockets fall to the Jazz 99-86 with the lost and the Spurs winning at home vs the Warriors the Rockets fall back down to the 3rd seed in the west and 2nd in the south west. Player of the game for the Rockets was Aaron Brooks who had 20 points and 4 assist. Rockets next game will be on Saturday at home vs the Clippers and that will be a 7:30 pm start. Rockets also signed James White for the remainder of the season as the Rockets GM feels like White is project player and could be a good one in the long run.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Look Whos On Top Now!

The Houston Rockets have transformed there team alot since the injury of T-Mac that now they play more as a team and do it with ball movement and team defense! Not to say that they couldn't do it with Tracy but this year was not the year for him at all. The Rockets in there last two games they have beaten the Timberwolves and the Spurs! First they took care of the lonely Wolves that where without Al Jefferson but did it in great team fashion winning 107-88. Sunday came with 1st place on the line for both teams. The Rockets seemed to play well not letting the Spurs bully them into playing from behind as the Rockets have done in the past vs teams like the Spurs. The game came down to the last few possions as Luis Scola And Mr. Yao Ming played ill get the ball and pretend to shoot and i will pass it to you for a easy layup! I didn't watch the game do to work!!! ERRRR!!!! But all that matters is that the Rockets came out on top and took the game from the Spurs winning this one 87-85 as the Rockets now own 1st PLACE!!!!! in the Southwest Div. the player of the game was Luis Scola and Ron Artest. Scola finished the game 19 points and a very big 17 rebounds! and for Ron Ron he finished with 24 points and 4 rebounds. Man i want to say one thing to the Rockets as a team I'M SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!! The Rockets now face another very big task as they go to Utah and face the Jazz in a showdown! the game will be at 9:30pm on TNT. HOOK 'EM ROCKETS!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Close For Comfort!

The Rockets last night vs the Detroit Pistons played to the level of there competition or there where just not into the game at all even though it was a televised game on ESPN. Rockets looked very sluggish and just could not shake off the Pistons at all during the game last night leading as high as 10 in the fourth only to let Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum take charge by taking the ball to the Rockets defense when ever they wanted scoring with ease! Afflalo was another player for the Pistons that was hitting from long and short range scoring 24 points Stuckey had 21 points and 10 assist. The Pistons even being short handed last night vs the Rockets did not back down they took it at the home team in every possion and took the Rockets to a double over time game that the Rockets won but did fight for!! Rockets won do to the leader ship of Yao Ming scoring like a machine in the overtimes and played nice D! Ron had a nice night as well for the Rockets scoring 26 bpoints and 4 rebounds for the good guys! Yao had 31 points 15 rebounds and 4 block shots as the Rockets won in 2OTs 101-106. The Rockets now focus on the Timberwolves who come into town on Friday night to play in the Toyota Center hopefully the Rockets wont play around and take this team for granted cause this team last night came close to beating the Hornets in New Orleans losing by only 1!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Carl Landry Shot!

A story from the Houston Chronicle reports that Carl Landry was shot early this morning. Here is the Chronicles story on the matter. Rockets forward Carl Landry suffered a gunshot wound to his lower leg early this morning about an hour after the team arrived home from New Orleans.
The shooting took place near Landry’s Fort Bend County home. He was treated for a flesh wound at Memorial Hermann Hospital and released. Landry is expected to be out of the lineup for one to two weeks.
Following the Rockets’ 95-84 win over the Hornets, the team charter flight landed at Hobby Airport just past midnight.
After driving home, Landry, 25, went back out to pick up a late meal at a fast food restaurant not far from his house. His car was first side-swiped by a passing car and then the occupants of the vehicle slowed down and fired two shots, the second of which struck him in the leg, according to team officials.
Landry, in his second professional season with the Rockets, had played 23 minutes, totaling 12 points and six rebounds, and played a key role in the Rockets’ win at New Orleans. He is averaging 9.3 points and 5 rebounds this season.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rockets Get Must Needed Win

The Rockets tonight without Yao Ming who missed tonight's game do to the flu played a great game. In the first half the Rockets hung right there with the Hornets trading baskets and trying to contain CP3 at both ends of the court (If that is really possible!) Paul did do his thing tonight but the Rockets did do a good job not letting him create and dish out to his favorite target in David West. Ron Artest had the worst first half you could have going for like 0-10 at one point. Aaron Brooks held his own tongiht as he went vs Chirs Paul AB is starting to play with alot more confidence out there and he takes what the defense gives him either the drive or the open jumper. The Rockets Bench did a great job getting in there and out playing the Hornets bench alot had to do with the play of Waffer who came into this game and just did what he had to do he drove to the basket and broke down the defense he passed the ball when needed to he did everything his team wanted him to do tonight. The Rockets did lead in the first half by 8 at one point but the Hornets did manage to get back into the game and took the lead going into the half 44-47. In the second half the Rockets got down by 11 with a Hornets 8-0 run to start the 3rd period but the Rick called a time out and the Rockets did respond to the coach going on a nice run of there own and taking the lead from the Hornets as Ron found his game and the Rockets figured out how to beat teams by playing as a team as they did in tonight's game. After the Rockets won the 3rd they never looked back as they won a very big game in the big easy as a team. The final score tonight was the Yao Ming less Rockets 95 and the CP3's 84. I want to talk about how big Deke was tonight with 6 rebounds and 3 BIG block shots that scared the Hornets away from the basket tonight. The Player of the game was Von Waffer who finished the game with 12 points and 5 assist even though i would like to give it to the whole Rockets team! A big game tonight for the Rockets cause they stayed in the 3rd spot in the west and if they would have lost they would have dropped from 3rd to 6th place just like that. Rockets next game will be a home game vs the Detroit Pistons and that will be a 8:30pm start a hour later than normal time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What To Do WIth Time Runnning Out?

The Rockets with not much time left in the regular season have alot of things to do! First they need to figure out how to defend the pick and roll! then they need to decide who is the leader A) Ron Artest or B) Yao Ming? Then they need to get Yao the ball down low more often and when they don't give it to Yao they need to give it Ron down low and make him create cause they is not to many defenders that can guard the man one on one! One more thing they need to get going is the rotation of the bench they need to figure out if they feel if its in there best interest if they pull AB from the starting roll and plug in Lowry then they need to see if Brent Barry is in there plans to play in the playoffs or just Von Waffer getting most of there minutes at the back up 2 spot. Well Rockets time is running out and you better figure everything out by April 18th. Anyways the Rockets did have a game last night vs the San Antonio Spurs in Houston. I did miss the first half of action but did make it back in time to watch the whole second half. By the looks of it all the Rockets lost this one in the 2nd period due to them only scoring 15 points in the quarter. Anyways it was to much Parker and Duncan in the final minutes of the game as the Rockets did have a shot but came up short on a Aaron Brooks layup try on Duncan. Once again the Rockets fall to the Spurs 85-88. Rockets so called player of the game was Ron Artest with 21 points and 9 rebounds. Rockets next game will be on Monday vs the Hornets in New Orleans at 7pm. Please Rockets find a way to start making your free throws and cut the darn turn overs.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Artest Saves The Day!

Rockets tonight vs the Charlotte Bobcats had a ok performance on the court. It was there skill to play up to the level of there opponent. Rockets came out alittle lazy like if they where not really up to this game making the same mistakes that have hunted them this season with thing like sloppy passing bad shot selections and maybe coaching. In the first half the Rockets had to fight just to stay within striking distance of the Bobcats tonight. Yao played well in the first half doing what he does making the other team double team him and when the double team came he would find the open man, But the problem was that the open man would either dribble into a double team or just flat out throw the ball away. Going into the half the Rockets had a chance to tie but instead went to the half trailing by 2 with a score of 46-48. In the second half things didn't really change as both teams clamped down on the defensive side of the ball. In the fourth the Rockets managed to take a 6 point lead but they also managed to give the lead up within the closing seconds with a Ron Artest dribble marathon that ended with a turnover and a Bobcats chance to take the lead and they DID! with a Raja Bell put back off the glass. On the Rockets next possion the Rockets went back to Ron Artest who had Gerald Wallace on him, Ron dribble with a some what of a crossover that put Wallace on his bum and Artest open for the 18 foot jumper. The Rockets got the ball back and got fouled as the Bobcats missed there chance to take the lead back Aaron brooks was headed to the free throw line and as calm as Aaron could be he sunk in both free throws that gave the Rockets a 3 point lead. The Bobcats being down 3 with 7 seconds left tried to find Radmanovic for the 3 but he was met with RON RON and Ron took the ball away from him and ran back to the other side for a layup and that sealed the deal for the Rockets as they win tonight 91-86. Player of the game was Yao Ming who hit his first 3 of the way in the 4th! Yao finished the night with 23 points and 8 rebounds. If i could say one thing to Yao it would be PLEASE HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL PLEASE SIR!. Anyways nice win for the good guys. The Rockets now go back home to Houston to play the San Antonio Spurs who are up 2 games in the Southwest Division tomorrow at the Toyota Center at 7:30pm. The Rockets also signed James White to a second 10 day contract today.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Half Troubles!

The Rockets last night vs the Lakers came out like they wanted to win the game and not just win but make a state meant out of it. It was a good game in the first half as the Rockets took an early lead after the bench came in to set the tempo with Lowry, Landry and Waffer the only really Britte spot for the Rockets last night. In the first half for Houston the Rockets managed to run the ball and hold Kobe Bryant to only 6 first half points as the Rockets took a 11 point lead into halftime break 40-51. In the second half the Rockets just looked out of sync turning over the ball alot missing point blank shots and once again falling to nail down the easy free throws. Ron Artest did not have anything last night to offer his teammates as he failed to score when the Rockets needed him to. Rons defense was good at times but him and Shane just did not have any answers for number 24! as Kobe went of for 31 second half points and lead his Lakers to an easy victory in the Toyota Center winning this one 96-102. The Rockets need to learn not pass into double coverage when Yao is being fronted and not make Yao bend over for a bad pass this kind of stuff will hurt the Rockets if players like Lowry and Brooks learn how to pass Yao the ball down low. And as for Ron please stop forcing up shot and trying to be the hero all the time like Von! play team ball and spread the wealth and good things will happen till then we are going to be in trouble. We need to see more of a quick and smart team on the floor! i don't know why they don't put a team like Waffer,Brooks,Lowry,Landry, and Scola just to see what could happen cause it wont hurt. Houston's top performer last night vs the Lakers was Von Waffer who had 20 points and 3 steals. Rockets play again on Friday at Charlotte Bobcats.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Win Is A Win! But Nothing Is Free!

The Houston Rockets where on back to back games vs the Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets. Yesterdays game vs the Grizzlies the Rockets just took charge early and really never let there foot off the pedal winning in easy fashion 93-83. The Rockets bench saw alot of garbage time last night after the starters had a 20 point lead in the fourth. Carl Landry and Yao made there presence felt in the middle blocking a team high 9 in the first half. Top performers for the Rockets last night was Yao Ming with 24 points and 17 rebounds and Luis Scola again had a double double with 18 points and 14 rebounds. In tonight's action vs the Nuggets the Rockets had to fight back after being down in most of the 1st half. The Rockets with good play from Aaron Brooks in the second quarter took a 40-45 score to the locker room. In the third quarter the Rockets came out with alot fire power on both ends of the floor. In the fourth quarter things once again got very ugly as the Rockets blew a 19 point lead and let Denver come back with in 3 points but the Rockets with Ron Artest helping the Rockets keep there cool after Yao Ming fouled out with 6 fouls and the 6th one coming on a BONE HEAD! play from Yao reaching around Billups at the half court trying to get a steal. Ron was very huge tonight for the Rockets making shots playing stellar D! and rebounding the ball but the most thing that impressed me was the fact that he was the LEADER on the floor for Houston! The Rockets tonight escape once again on the road with a victory winning by two 97-95. Player of the game was RON RON scoring 22 points and 6 rebounds but his defense and leadership was more important! The biggest story tonight for the Rockets was not that they won but they missed ALOT OF FREE THROWS! going 20-35 from the line a 57% disgrace tonight! Better go to gym and practice. Rockets next game will be on Wednesday vs the L.A Lakers in Houston where the Rockets currently have a 13 game winning streak at home.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Suns Go Down In Houston!

The Houston Rockets last night vs the Suns played well in the first half controlling the Phoenix Suns fast breaks and maintain there half court pace and running with there new point guard Aaron Brooks. Aaron really held his own vs Steve Nash and Barbosa speed wise and scoring but Aaron is still struggling on the defensive side of the ball getting killed on teams pick and rolls and post up of bigger guards but that will come to him in time. The Rockets at the half lead the Suns 56-46. In the second half Steve Nash made his presence felt scoring 28 points in the second half and by his self helped the suns take a 2 point lead after trailing the whole game with about 2 minutes left. Ron Artest in the following possion hit a 15 foot fade away the tied the game up. With under a minute left and the game tied again the Rockets decided to hand the ball off to Aaron Brooks and let him use his quickness to the basket witch he scored on a kind off difficult layup around Shaq with that basket the Rockets took a 114-112 lead. With the Suns next play the Suns decided to go for the win on the road so they gave the ball the Nash for a 3 but he was meet at the top pf the key with a very stretched out Yao Ming who changed and made the shot very hard for Nash and luckily for the Rockets his shot hit the front part of the rim and the Rockets escaped with a 116-112 victory over the Phoenix Suns. Nash after scoring only 3 points in the first half finished the night with 32 points. Aaron Brooks for the Rockets had a career night scoring with 30 points of his own! Ron Artest finished with 21 points and 6 rebounds. Rockets next game will be in Memphis on Sunday night.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Decided By Refs?

The Rockets where in Utah last night to face the Utah Jazz who have been on a roll as of late after getting back forward Carlos Boozer back from an injury. Rockets pretty much held there own last night in the first half getting good play from Brooks and Artest And Yao. It wasn't till the second half that the refs decided not to be any different then all the other refs in the league on calling fouls and all other kind of junk on Yao!If you ask me i don't know what the man can do! There is one play that stuck out on mind and that was i think in the 3rd quarter when Yao went to post up and when he did Okur fell back like 25 feet back and did a tumble like if some one had shot him! and you know it the offensive fouls was called on Yao! Any ways the Rockets did what the Rockets could do and that's go out there and play basketball and hope that the refs wouldnt spoil there effort but we where wrong and they did! After trailing by double digits the Rockets came back with the help of Kyle Lowry who helped the Rockets make a 6-0 run heading into the fourth period. In the fourth the Rockets managed to tie the game at 85-85 but Deron Williams was to much for the Rockets to take as he went of to score 6 points in a row and Utah did not look back winning this one 101-94.Artest finished the night scoring 25 points and grabbing down 5 rebounds and Yao had 19 points and 5 blocks. The Rockets where disgusted about the refs. And if you want proof check out this link to the Houston Chronicle web site. http://www.chron.com/sports/rockets/

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rockets Take Care Of Raptors!

The Houston Rockets came out in tonight's game vs the Raptors and did what they had to do to stay within striking distance of the Spurs and that's win! Rockets starting five struggled to set a tone in the game letting the Raptors take controll of the game. In the second quarter the Rockets figured out what they needed and that was there bench! Landry and company came to the starters aid and helped set a tone with fast breaks and nice defense. Some of the credit goes to Lowry who once again helped out struggling point guard Aaron Brooks with drives to the basket and finding the open man with penetration. At the half the Rockets took a 57-49 lead to the locker room. In the third quarter the Rockets played ok but once again it was the bench who came in and took charge. Yao is getting hammered again and again by Bosh and Bargnani but yet he was the one who was called for like 3 offensive fouls and a 3 seconds in the lane! (Go Figure!) In the Fourth was yet more of the bench With Von Hitting 2 straight 3's one from the corner and the other from the top of the key. toward the end the Raptors had no answer for the Rockets zone defense as the Rockets cruised at the end for a 107-97 W. Luis Scola once again had a double double with 20 points and 16 rebounds he is just good for a double double every game! Yao had a nice night even with all the bad calls going on him! he finished with 20 points and 11 rebounds. And Carl Landry with 22 points and 6 rebounds and 2 blocks all of the bench. Von Waffer added 14 points off the bench. The Rockets tomorrow on a back to back will have the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City at 8pm. Rockets also today signed James White out of the NBDL to a 10 day contract white is a 6'7 foward who was scoring 25 points a game for Anaheim.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brooks Shows Up As Rockets Beat Wolves!

Aaron Brooks after a terrible game last night vs the Chicago Bulls came to live vs the TImeberwolves. Aaron and his Rockets teammates played well in the second half tonight but in the first half it looked like it would be another one of those scary down to the last second games but luckily it wasn't it was a nice and most needed win for Houston. In the first half the Rockets seemed to be maybe a little tired from last nights game cause they where sluggish at times. Yao played well tonight and was able at times to get some what of a position on his defender when he was being fronted by Kevin Love. It was close going into the half as the score was 53-54. The Rockets in the second half seemed to pick up there level of play as they cruised in the third period scoring at will on fast breaks and open jumpers. In the third quarter the Rockets did not lay down like they did vs the Bulls do in much part of the double point guards on the court at the same time cause Lowry played the point and Brooks the 2 guard spot and it was hard for the Timberwolves to really match them with there quickness. The game came out on the Rockets favor tonight as they beat the Timberwolves on the road 105-94. Yao finished the night with some nice numbers going for 17 points 11 rebounds and 6 block shots. AB finished with 22 points and 10 assist and Ron Artest had 23 points and Luis added to his number of double doubles in the season going for 15 points and 11 rebounds. A nice and needed game for Houston after last night disaster in Chicago cause now the Rockets are 2.5 games behind the Spurs in the Southwest division. Rockets next game will be on Tuesday night at home vs the Toronto Raptors and that will be a 7:30pm tip off.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Simply Embarrassing!

Not much to say about this one but simply embarrassing on the Rockets part leading by 17 heading into the fourth quarter and you lose by 3! Just bad coaching and very bad point guard play on Aaron Brooks part. My goodness do the Rockets really think that will be led by Aaron Brooks as the starter? I don't think so he is way to small and gets posted up by almost all the point guards in the NBA. Rockets waste a nice night from Ron Artest till the en when he decided that he could win the game for the Rockets but ended up being the black whole when he touched the ball! Rockets lose this one in stunning fashion as they blow a 17 point lead to the Chicago Bulls in this one and let rookie point guard Derek Rose takes Brooks to school and cap the Bulls comeback win 105-102. Ron finished with a season high 32 points. Rockets play again on Sunday vs the TImberwolves. In other news coming from the Rockets was that they had waived guard Luther Head.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lebron Who?

Tonight the Rockets showed everyone that was watching the TNT broadcast that the Rockets are for real! I have not seen anyone guard Lebron the way that Ron and Shane did tonight, it was a difficult night for James trying to get by the more improved Rockets defense i mean Shane was all over the floor picking up defenders for his teammates that went to double down or he came on the weak side and pick up two great blocks. The Rockets tonight had alot going for them with the bench stepping up big time and Chuck while he was in played good defense on Ilgauskas striping the ball away a few times, and lets not forget our PTPer Von Waffer man what a big night for Von he came ready to play tonight hitting 4-6 behind the arc and finishing at the basket or he got fouled going to the basket i mean Von was one of the reasons that the Rockets got this big win tonight cause at one point in the fourth Cleveland was trying to make a comeback but it was Von hitting a big three and one that he was fouled on. The Rockets third quarter defense was out standing holding the Cavs to only 10 third quarter points and 11 in the first. Yao was also big tonight for the Rockets going for 28 points and 8 rebounds. It was Yaos turnaround jumper in my mind that freed up the Rockets shooters and lets not the forget THE rejection of a Lebron dunk attempt! This was a very big and impressive win tonight vs the 2ND best team in the NBA in the Cleveland Cavs. Lets also not forget the big slam from Ron Ron over the whole Cavs team. Final count tonight from Houston was 93-74 Rockets win!!! With this win the Rockets improved to 37-21 and 3 games behind the Spurs. Rockets also with this win now have a 6 game winning streak. Ron Artest finished the night with 15 points and 4 rebounds while Von Waffer added 19 points in 20 minutes of play! that's what i call getting your work in! Lebron (over rated) James had 21 points 1 rebound and held to 0 assist for the first time in his career!. Rockets next game will be back on the road vs Derek Rose and Chicago Bulls on Saturday night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Apology Letter

Tracy McGrady on his web site wrote an apology letter to his team and fans. For what has transpired over the last couple of weeks with him telling ESPN first about his plans to have the Micro fracture surgery and not his team first.

Mon, Feb 23rd 2009, 12:40
My Apology
Just wanted to drop you all a line and give you an update. I’m having my surgery tomorrow, and while it’s always a little nerve-racking to go under the knife, I’m excited to take the first step towards getting healthy and getting back on the court. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from friends and all you fans out there, and that makes me all the more eager to get through this surgery and rehab process so that I can get healthy and get back out there to do what I love to do.
With that said I would like to apologize to Les Alexander, the Rockets organization, and of course all the fans out there for this entire situation. Les and the Rockets have been nothing short of amazing to me and my family during my entire time with them, and for that I thank them. The organization has invested so much in bringing a championship to Houston this season, and there’s nothing I want more than to be a part of that. The injuries have really taken a toll on me, and I can’t help but feel like I’m letting everyone down by not being out there with my teammates. I’m sorry to all those who were counting on me to help this team achieve great things. Coach Adelman has been extremely accommodating and patient with me while we have tried to work through this, and I am thankful to him for that. It’s hard enough to prepare night in and night out to go up against the best players in the world, and it’s even harder to do it without knowing the status of your players. This team still has a lot of talent and heart and I think coach will be able to get the most out of everyone. The Rockets have a chance to make a deep run, and I’ll be there cheering on my guys every step of the way.
My personal focus now is to look forward and dedicate myself 100% to returning to the court and returning to be the player I was and know that I still am. Coming back from this won’t be easy, but I promise to rehab hard, listen to my doctors, and do everything possible in my power to be the best that I can be when I return. I love being a Rocket and a member of the Houston community and am eager to prove my commitment to this team and this city.
Thank you again for your continued and unwavering support.

You can read more on Tracy McGradys web site where i pulled his letter from. www.t-mac.com

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rockets Escape With The Victory!

The Rockets tonight vs the Portland Trailblazers played a good first half of basketball playing team ball and guys moving without the ball and easy baskets. Yao Ming was screwed again by the refs tonight for calls that went on him like the two FLOPS!! that Joel Pryzbilla got in the first quarter and on the second one he got up and ran back laughing wit his teammates! The way Yao Ming is called is just out of this world i mean how can a 7'6 center not be able to get his postion and when trying to a guy like Pryzbilla gets touched barley and he falls over! this is just disgusting basketball to see Yao Ming being refed like this every darn game! Back to the game Yao was not much a factor due to foul trouble it was more of guys like AB and Luis Scola that really kept the Rockets in there game plan. Aaron Brooks tonight was great penetrating to the basket on high screens and when we could not he still managed to find Chuck Hayes and Luis Scola for easy layups. Von Waffer also came in to the game and was very aggressive take it strong to the whole and getting the calls. In the end of the first half the Rockets where up as many as 19 points and at the half led the Blazers 60-43. In the second half the Rockets game was just plain ole UGLY! as they got beat many times with Blakes penetration to the basket as he found Aldridge for a few slams down low and Travis Outlwaw for pop out jumpers. The Rockets got out scored in the third 26-18 shooting poorly and just did no have any energy out there. Going back to Yao for a minute how does a ref call a travel on a player after being double teamed and pushed around and he also comes out with a bloody eye? (Yao had to go and get 2 stitches.)Anyways the fourth quarter was no better for the Rockets as the Blazers kept coming closer and closer as Brandon Roy started to get it going for Portland and the Houston had no answer for anything for him as the time wind down Portland seemed like they would comeback from the 19 point lead that the Rockets had earlier and win this game as Portland with time running down cut the Rockets lead to 2 points with 24 seconds left in the game. The game then turned into free throws as Houston made all of there pressure free throws as AB stepped up and nailed two that gave Houston a 4 point lead but the Blazers answered again with a Roy layup that was not contested after the layup Ron Artest nailed down 2 more free throws and after a Blazers failed 3 Ron again nailed down 2 more to give the Rockets a very ugly but important game that they needed to surpass the Blazers for the 4th seed in the west. The Final count tonight from Houston was your Rockets 98-94. Tonight's player of the game goes to Luis Scola who had his 5th straight double double with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Yao had 15 points, Ron had 21 points and Brooks had 20 points 2 assist. Portland's leasing scorer tonight was Brandon Roy who had 24 points. The Rockets now gear up to fight against Lebron and the Cavs on Thursday in Houston. That game will be on TNT at 7pm.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rockets Show Young Cats How Its Done!

The Charlotte Bobcats came into Houston Feeling good about there future with young players like Okafor, Wallace, Feltton, and Dj Augustin. The Bobcats ran into a solid squad that is starting to play together as a team. The Rockets really were not contested much in this one as the Rockets ran right through Charlotte in easy fashion with good play from Ron Artest who just went off tonight vs Wallace and the Bobcats! Ron had a very well all around game scoring 26 points and 7 rebounds and just playing his normal tough D! and getting into the head of Gerald Wallace and giving him a bloody nose! (by accident!) How the Rockets won this game was with great ball movement and pressure defense. The game like i said was not much a contest as Brain Cook and Deke got to see some action in the fourth quarter Cook did score and Deke 1 block shot and 1 rebound. The final score tonight from the Toyota Center was 99-78. Rockets next game will be on the 24th of Febuary vs the Portland Trail Blazers. And that will be a very important game vs the Trail Blazer as the Blazers stand a half a game ahead of the Rockets in the 4th seed in the west.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Very Big WIn Vs Dallas!

Rockets vs the Mavericks need i say more? The Rockets came out the gate side be side with the Mavericks in the first quarter. Jason Kidd And Howard for Dallas got there offense going with some key steals and pushing it for Dallas fast breaks that led to as much as a 7 point lead for them. The game almost got away from the Rockets with a season high 22 turnovers! most of them in the first half that lead to points of turnovers for the bad side! But the Rockets managed not to get to caught up in all the turnovers that they decided that the game was not yet over and that they had a whole half ahead of them so they fought back from 10 down to cut the lead to 7 at the half 51-44. In the second half it was a new Rockets team out there forcing turnovers themselves and playing there best defense in one half all year long holding Dallas to only 13 third quarter points. In the fourth the Rockets got as much as a 15 point lead behind new point guard Kyle Lowry who forced the ball inside and drawing the foul and that opened it up some for Yao to make his presence felt in the paint with a smaller Brandon Bass on him and Hollins. Ron Arest was giving Howard fits with his very tough D! and on the offensive end where Ron put all his strength on him making Josh Howard very tired as you can see when Howard threw a cross coart pass to NO ONE 50 rows up in the stands. Late in the fourth the Rockets lead shrunk down to 3 due to a very big game from Jose Berra and Bradon Bass as they played a pick and roll over and over again as Yao could not come out to defend it and bass hit like 4 in a row and a 3 by Jose cut the lead to 2. But the Rockets new starting point guard Aaron Brooks had one of his biggest shots in his early carrer nailing down a very big three pointer to give the Rockets the victory agaisnt the HATED Mavericks or should i say Ponys! The Rockets pulled this one off despite the turnovers winning this one 93-86. Key performers tonight was 1- Luis Scola who had a great no! AWESOME game with 15 points and 15 rebounds and lets not forget the great D that he had on Dirk holding him to 4-18 shooting for 9 points! 2- Yao Ming who had 22 points and 13 rebounds last but not least was AB who finished the night with 19 points and 8 assist one more guy i would like to thank is RON RON who had 17 points and 7 rebounds. With the win the Rockets are now in 5th place in the west and half a game behind the Blazers for the 4th spot. The Rockets next game will be on Sunday afternoon vs the Charlotte Bobcats in Houston at the Toyota Center and that will be a 4pm start.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rafer Alston Traded to Orlando!

The Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic pulled off a 3 team trade before today's deadline of 3pm eastern time. The Rockets sent Rafer Alston to Orlando in exchange for forward Brian Cook and Memphis Guard Kyle Lowry and Memphis will get Orlando's 1st round pick in this years draft. Kyle Lowry is averaging 8.6 points per game for the Grizzlies and Brain Cook is averaging 3.0 points per game in 21 games for the Magic Cook is a career 39 percent three point shooter while Lowry is known more for his defense. This trade was made in my mind to make Aaron Brooks the starting point guard for the Rockets. Good luck to Rafer Alston in Orlando where he should be the starter over there with Jameer Nelson out. The Rockets will face Rafer and the Magic on April 7th in Houston.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

T-Mac to have Season Ending Surgery On Left Knee

Houston Rockets All-Star guard Tracy McGrady will have season ending micro fracture knee surgery and will be out for the rest of the 09 season. This coming after the Tracy and the Rockets had all ready seen a second opinion on the knee and discovered that nothing new was wrong with his knee and that all he needed was to play on it so the knee could get stronger in due time but Tracy only knows how Tracy feels so maybe it was to much for him to play on it. This will most likely put a big damper on the Rockets season as they traded for Ron Artest to make a big title run and have what the Celtics have in there big three. Will we ever get to see T-Mac and Yao and Artest on the same team again or will there be some changes tomorrow on the trade deadline or will they now keep Artest to help with T-Macs absence? Even if they do keep Artest this season he does become a free agent at the end of the season so we will see what the Rockets will do with this very disappointing news about Tracy McGrady.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Team Ball Wins Game!

The Houston Rockets tonight played extremely well moving the ball finding the open jump shooter and connecting on 15 three pointers! The Rockets got help from all starting 5 and the bench. This game tonight vs the Nets was not much a game due to the Rockets doubling Devin Harris and not letting him drive inside and letting him break down the defense to find his open shooters as it was Rafer tonight who did what Devin normally does finding his open team mates and at times making some shot of his own. The Rockets tonight had 5 players in double figures in scoring with Yao leading the way with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Luis Scola finished the night with 10 points and 11 rebounds and trust me Luis worked for his rebounds tonight chasing down lose balls down left and right. But the player i was most impressed with was Shane Battier who seemed to get his shot back tonight by hitting 5-8 with the all 5 being 3's Shane finished the night with 19 points. The Rockets win tonight in easy fashion knocking out the the New Jersey Nets 114-88. Before the game tonight owner Leslie Alexender told the media that SG Tracy McGrady would not be dealt before the trade dead line on Thursday. The Rockets Still are in some trade talks with Phoenix (Amare Stoudamire) and the Timberwolves (Mike Miller) Other trades are out there but the Rockets have yet announced what they are thinning about doing. The Rockets next game will be on Friday vs the HATED Dallas Mavericks in Houston and that will be a 7pm tip off 30 minutes before normal time.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Report Cards Are In!

Here is my take on how the Houston Rockets should be graded so far this season as a whole and solo performance.

1. Rafer Alston PG- I give skip a C-

2. Tracy McGrady SG- Tracy is getting an INCOMPLETE!

3. Luis Scola PF- Scola is my only A-

4. Shane Battier SF- Shane is not cutting it D+

5. Yao Ming C- Yao is trying to help out Scola so he gets a B+

6. Carl Landry PF- B-

7. Aaron Brooks PG- C-

8. Ron Artest PF- C-

9. Brent Barry SG- D+

10. Von Waffer SG- B+

11. Joey Dorsey C- Incomplete

12. Chuck Hayes PF- C

13. Dikembe Mutombo C- Incomplete

14. Luther Head SG- D

The Rockets as a team ill give an big fat C!!

Coach Rick Adelman F- Very bad job coaching! Getting out coached alot these days!! And has no defense in his SYSTEM!

With the season more than half way done the Rockets stand in second in the Southwest Division with a record of 32-21 and in 5th place in the West with only a game and half behind the 8th seed and 4 and a half in front of the Warriors on the out side looking in. So shape up Rockets cause before you know it you can be where the Warriors are!!! LETS GO ROCKETS LETS WAKE UP AND DO THIS MISSION THAT WE ALL CALL A TITLE RUN!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Houston Takes Care Of Kings!

The Houston Rockets tonight before there game vs the Sacramento Kings got the news that slumping guard Tracy McGrday will once again sit out due to the knee injury that has kept him out of 17 games so far this season. Tracy got an MRI on his knee and the results came back no different then in the past but the Rockets decided to keep McGrady out of tonight's game and maybe some future games as Tracy McGrady seeks another opinion. Back to the main focus tonight and and that is the rest of the Rockets that where in action vs the Kings. The Rockets came out of the gate slow tonight looking like they would be in for another performance like the ones that they had vs the Grizzlies and the Bucks but instead turned it around late in the 1st. In the second quarter is when it started to click for the Rockets with great help defense and driving the ball to the basket instead of taking nothing but 3's. At the half the Rockets and Kings where at slow scoring pace at 39-35 half time score. In the second quarter tonight the Rockets in mind played there best quarter at the defensive side of the ball only allowing the Kings to 10 points. In the second it went back to ok play for Houston allowing 21 points while scoring 35 themselves. Yao and Artest and even Rafer had good games tonight for the good guys, Rafer had 13 assist and no turnovers! Ron kept Kevin Martin in check for the most part and Francisco Garcia. Yao Tonight was the Yao that everyone knows in Houston scoring inside and kicking it out when the double team came and the Rockets did a good job not settling for the 3 when he did instead giving it back to Yao for the re-positioning! Over all even though they did play the Kings it was a good learning game for them. The final score to night from the Toyota Center was the Rockets 94-82. Rockets top player tonight was Rafer Alston with the 13 assist and no turnovers!!! Yao finished the night with 24 points and 18 rebounds and as for Ron he finished with 19 points and 3 rebounds. The Rockets don't play again until the 17Th vs the Nets at home.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Embarrassed In Milwaukee!!!

The Rockets tonight vs the Bucks in the first half where extremely terrible!!! They let the Bucks shoot 57% from the floor! No defense has hurt the Rockets all season long so far giving up inside scoring left and right. Charlie Bell came into the game for the Bucks and hit his first 7 shots and Richard Jefferson also playing well for Milwaukee scoring 14 first half points. Tracy McGrady has been a NO SHOW so far going 1-6 for 3 points! This has been very hard to watch there is no ball movement no spacing just allot of dribbling and one on one stuff (Ron Artest!). At the half the Rockets are down to the Bucks 58-64 YES 64 POINTS AT THE HALF FOR MILWAUKEE!!!. Well what more can i say than this Rockets Team SUCKS! This is the worst Houston team i have seen in a very long time! They came out with no passion tonight giving up 124 points to this Milwaukee team that is 16 games out of there own division! If i where Rockets fans at the next Rockets home game i would wear a TRASH BAG OVER MY FACE! This team is just HORRIBLE Tracy McGrady has nothing to give this team at all Rafer is the same garbage player Artest is there only for Ron Artest and Shane Battier is um well i dont know what he is doing out there! Yao looked like a beat down Yao that has forgot how to play this game to his advantage (His size!) When your bench out plays your starters you are in deep Shh! To lose this game was a sign to all Rockets fans every where that with this team that they put out on that floor that they will be in the lottery come June! I know that the trade deadline is on the 17th but the Rockets cant wait till then they have to make a move NOW!!!! cause this is a puzzle that has all the wrong pieces on it i say get rid of Tracy, Shane Battier, Rafer Alston and what ever else you need to give up to improve this team cause they are not i mean NOT in the same league as the Lakers or even the Memphis Grizzlies! If you care to know the Rockets got there buts handed to them in a game that the final score dose not show how bad but it was the Bucks 124 to the Rockets 112. Man what a loss to take i hope that on the plane ride that they start doing some soul searching cause they are on the same level as a team in the D-League. Ohh yeah top performer if there really was one is Aaron Brooks and Carl Landry. Brooks had 23 points and Landry finished with 16 points.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rockets Take Care Of Wolves!

The Houston Rockets took care of business on Saturday night with good defence for almost a whole game they played 3 solid quarters of Houston Rockets defence that are used of seeing from them in the past. In the first quarter the Rockets played some what OK making the first shot of the game a Tracy McGrady 3 pointer and then went on to take a 8-2 lead but that was all of that in the 1st. The Timberwolves fought back with the help of there non All-Star center Al Jefferson (Who Should be an All-Star!) Jefferson just took Yao an Rockets to school with different looks scoring from the inside and mid range game and rebounding. Al Jefferson and company took an early lead in the ball game leading up to as many as 15 points in the 1st half but that was all for the Minnesota cause Yao got mad and the rest of his team mates followed him! Yao had two back to back MONSTER dunks that just seemed to ignite a fuse in the Rockets cause before the half the Rockets erased the 15 point lead by the Wolves and tied it at the half 50-50. The Rockets didn't lift there foot of the gas petal at all in the second half cruising to a 107-90 win over the TImberwolves. The Rockets played good on the defense side but in the offense side still needs to be worked out cause at times the Rockets feel like they have to throw up like 20 3's a game to win or to make them happy just do what you need to do to win Houston and that is feed the ball down to Yao and let him work and see what he has if nothing then you know he will kick it out to you then you can either take a 3 or work it in for a foul or a easy 2 with ball movement!!! The Rockets top performer was no other than Mr.Yao Ming! who had 30 points and 6 rebounds. for Minnesota it was Al Jefferson who poored in 36 points of his own. The Rockets next game will be on the road against the Milwaukee Bucks Monday night at 7pm tip-off.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Amare To Houston?

Some rumors have come about in the last couple of days or so saying that the Rockets have looked into the possibilities of trading for Phoenix Suns forward Amare Stoudemire. The Rockets have some pieces that they could trade to Phoenix like Luis Scola and Carl Landry and the main piece of the trade would most likely be Ron Artest. Here is a link to where you could read m ore into this.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Much Mayo For The Rockets!

I have no idea on what the hell is the Rockets Problem this year i mean they have a good team but can not put the pieces together to get it done on the court. Cant just blame it on Tracy Mcgrady for missing 17 games this year cause you do have depth on this team. In my mind it goes allot further than that, i think there is no team chemistry on or off the court for this team. And another thing is that teams know that the Rockets after Yao have no size and are not a very athletic bunch due to Tracy really being the only one who could be explosive if healthy and another is due to the point guard position Rafer can at times lead the team like a point guard should and the next minute hes taking stupid shots when its a 1-4 fast break and the other point is Aaron Brooks who has been off mostly all year with his shot one game he looks great like the point guard of the future for the Rockets and the next he looks like the next Matt Maloney. The Rockets better look at some trade ideas fast cause the trade deadline is coming on Febuary 17th and the Rockets need some serious help at the point guard spot and the power forward spot and at least a small forward with size and and speed so hurry up MR.MORREY and due your job and make this team better fast cause if you don't we will be in the lottery draft talks real fast! Last night the Rockets faced the Memphis Grizzlies (Lets make the long story short!) who beat the Rockets AGAIN! 104-93 and the night before the Rockets beat the Chicago Bulls 107-100 I'm not going to say the players of the game cause i don't think any one has deserved anything! This team has allot of growing up to do cause with only 32 games left time is running out on this season!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rockets Get The Win

The Houston Rockets last night vs the Golden St. Warriors got a must needed win with great play from Aaron Brooks who played 43 minutes last night and scored 22 points and had 9 assist. Yao and Artest did there part to help win the game Yao had 25 points and 11 rebounds and for Artest he chipped in with 27 points rebounds. For the Warriors it was Corey Maggette who had 17 points and Stephan Jackson had 16 points. Well all that matters in this game was that the Rockets won and the New Orleans Hornets lost so the Rockets gained a game on them. The final score was 110-93 with the Rockets getting this one at home in the Toyota Center and without Tracy McGrady who sat this one out with a sprained ankle. The Rockets next game will be on Tuesday night Vs the Chicago Bulls at 7:30pm at home in the Toyota Center.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What A Joke!

This has been a big DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! by the so called Houston Rockets this year. The Rockets just look like they do not belong in the NBA but instead in the NBDL this is just a joke from the Rockets to there fans! They have no energy they give up on defense on almost on every position and they take bad shots and no passing the ball they just look like they don't give a DAMN! and to put that kind of product out there for us to watch is just horrible, i would rather just sit here and look at the walls then to watch this so called basketball team! I cant stand this i defend this team every day saying that they will get better and win a championship but i no longer feel that way about this team that we have here. We have to make a few trades to try to contend and even if we do i don't know if we would have to time to gel as a team. Luther Head, Aaron Brooks, Ron Artest, Shane Battier, Rafer Alston, Tracy McGrady all trade able to get the right pieces in to help cause right now this team is headed now where but to the lake to go fishing at the end of the year!!! And as for tonight's game VS the 76ers we lost it after giving up another 14 point lead and getting out scored in the fourth 24-17. The final score tonight in Houston was Philadelphia 95 and your Houston Comets 93. If you care! The top performer for the Comets tonight was Tracy McGrady with 24 points on 8-20 shooting and next in line was Scola with 18 points on 9-14 shooting. The next Comets game will be on Saturday night vs the Golden St. Warriors in Houston at 7:30pm.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Francis Bought Out By Memphis!

Steve Francis was bought out today by the Memphis Grizzlies who traded for the PG on Thanksgiving day. Francis has yet to play for either the Rockets or the Grizzlies this year. I as a Rockets fan and a Stevie Franchise fan hope that his career is not over and will resume in all-star fashion some day but till then Steve good luck and i hope you have a great comeback! My Highlight with Francis was last year at a Rockets vs Mavericks game when during practice Francis came out of the locker room trying to make a phone call on his phone but was not able to get a signal in the building, So i quickly asked him if would like to use my phone thinking to myself that he would say no thanks but he said yes and he did use it and after he did i asked him if i could have an autograph and he said sure thing so he signed my jersey and a mini basketball that i had i wish allot of players would be as nice as he was that day but there not. So to you Stevie your my BOY! and one of my all time favorites!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of Gas In NY!

The Rockets tonight in NY played most of the first half playing from behind but did manage to catch up and take the lead in the 2nd period. At the end of the half the Rockets lead 55-58 Rockets managed to get the lead with the play of Carl Landry who had 14 first half points and from Aaron Brooks who had 13 points on 5-9 shooting in 20 minutes of action. The third quarter the Rockets could not make anything in the first couple of minutes as New York did as well both NY had 19 in the third and Houston had 22 points. In the Fourth quarter the Rockets managed to grab a 89-80 lead but could not with hold the Knicks run at the end of the game losing in very bad fashion 104-98 Ny had 30 points in the fourth to Houston's 18! The Rockets didn't get good play from Ron Artest as he had nothing to give the (11 points) Rockets tonight missing everything and was way to in love with the 3 point line tonight going for a whooping 1-10 from behind the arc. Tracy on the other hand was not much better going 7-20 for 20 points. The Rockets in the fourth where way out hustled as New York scored at will in the inside with even Nate Robinson went in the inside scoring 19 points tonight in the Knicks victory. The Rockets where without Yao Ming again tonight who tried to come out at shoot around but could not give it a go tonight due to some pain in the knee. The Rockets will try to get back on track the day after my birthday vs the Warriors in Houston. Maybe if we all PRAY TO GOD!! maybe the Rockets can have a full squad!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rockets Win In Detroit

The Houston Rockets got good and bad news today before there match up against the Detroit Pistons getting Tracy Mcgrady and Ron Artest but losing Yao Ming for tonight's game. The Rockets came out shooting in the first quarter making 7 3 point shots in the first quarter alone. Tracy and Ron made there mark in the game early, Tracy had 5 out of the Rockets first 7 points and Ron had about 3 three pointers to help the Rockets take a 1st period lead. Luis Scola played GREAT tonight not missing much of anything and rebounding the ball for some extra Rockets possions. The Rockets lead at the half 61-57. In the second half the Pistons tighten up there defence on McGrady not letting him dribble down to break down the defense and find the open cutters. The game got close in the fourth quarter when the Pistons Made a 15-3 run on the Rockets to take a 1 point lead. Rafer Alston kept his calm and made a 3 and a little floater to give the Rockets a 4 point lead. The game came down to the final seconds as the Pistons fouled Artest with under a minute left as the Rockets where leading by 2, Artest made both free throws giving the Rockets a 107-102 lead. In the next Detroit possion the Pistons nailed a 3 and once again fouling Ron sending him to the line for 2 pressure free throws Ron made 1 of 2 giving the Rockets 108-105 lead. Detroit had two trys to make a 3 to tie the game with about 7 seconds left but missed one from Rasheed Wallace and the other from Affalo. The Rockets came out of Detroit with a big win winning tonight's game 108-105. Player of the game was Luis Scola who finished the night with 21 points and 5 rebounds Ron Artest after missing the last 2 weeks had 24 points and 9 rebounds. And as for Tracy he finished with 15 points on 6 of 14 shooting and 4 rebounds. The Rockets now fly up to New York tonight to face the Knicks tomorrow night. The Rockets hope to have there big 3 back in the line up vs the Knicks for the first time in a long time. The Rockets faced the Knicks earlier this month in the Toyota Center and took that game 96-76 back on the 10th of January.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Houston Swept By Indiana

The Houston Rockets played the Indiana Pacers tonight without Yao Ming in the second half who hurt his left knee in the first half. The Rockets just did not have it tonight making costly turnovers left and right and not being able to rebound at all and the most important reason the Rockets lost tonight and nope it wasn't that they didn't have Yao or Tracy or Ron it was the HORRIBLE REF!!!! Tony Brothers! That man should be able to ref any of the Rockets games at all cause its very easy to see that he has some kind of grudge against Yao and the Rockets but in most part Yao! And its just stupid calls like Yao getting hammered trying to get position and hes the one who gets the call and the other one was in one point when Rafer gut hit on the arm and the ball was recovered by the Pacers and Rafer just telling him that he got fouled and turned his body around to go on with the game well Tony Brothers did not like the way he most have turned cause he T'd up Rafer. I mean there was allot more than that but that is all i am getting in to with that sorry excuse of a ref!. The Rockets managed to stay within striking distance toward the end of the game but came out short losing to the Pacers tonight 107-102. Luis Scola led the Rockets tonight in scoring with 25 points Carl Landry added 17 points of the bench. The Rockets played well enough to win tonight but could not manage to cut the down the turnovers and close the lane down. The Rockets next game is on Sunday vs the Pistons in Detroit.

The Rockets might have Tracy McGrady back in the lineup but be without Yao! What else can you expect from the Rockets one thing good happens but a bad is on its way! Yao is day to day with a bruised knee witch was X-Rayed in at half time and the results came back negative. Maybe one day the Rockets curse will be wiped away and we will be able to have a FULL ROSTER! But till it happens all we can do is pray that it will happen soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rockets Play Some Sweet Jazz!

The Houston Rockets most be feeling alot better as a team right now. Not only are the Rockets Winning but they are doing it with some style! Yesterday game vs Utah was another one of those games in witch the Rockets managed to keep the game tempo the way they wanted it. Rockets started the game by forcing the issue with ball movement and taking it to the rim. Yao and luis Scola set there mark in the game by being aggressive and making Utah play more double teams on the two bi gs from Houston that led to spreading the court and Yao being able to find the open shooters in this case Von and BB Gun (Brent Barry). Rockets led at the Half by 13 55-42. In the second hale the Rockets didn't really change anything they kept on adding to there lead and at one point led by 16 points. But like Utah all ways dose they made there run in the fourth quarter bringing the game to as close as 4 points. But the Rockets called a timeout and kept there cool and on the next play with about 2 and a half minutes remaining the Rockets had a broken down play but managed to find a open Von Wafer who was open for a corner 3 and Von gave the Rockets a 7 point lead. The Rockets for the remainder of the game where fouled bu Utah and Houston managed to hit all there key free throws and hold on for the 108-99 victory against the hated Jazz! Leading scorers of the game are Rafer Alston who had 23 points on 7-13 shooting and in second place was a tie with Luis Scola and Yao Ming who both finished with 19 points a piece. The Rockets are now 2-0 vs Utah this year and both games they did not have T-Mac and in this one they didn't have Luther Head and Ron Artest either. The Rockets now go on the road for 3 games vs Pacers, Pistons and New York Knicks. Tracy McGrady is planning to return to the Rockets line up as early as Sunday vs the Pistons.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T-Mac And Artest Practice

Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest both participated in 5 on zero practice drills today for the first time in about a week.

"It (the ankle sprain) is getting better," Artest said. "There's just other things (a bone bruise) that were wrong. They want to make sure those things are OK.
"This was my first day I was able to shoot with the team and move a little bit. That was encouraging. I'm definitely feeling better. I still have more days I'm not going to play and I'm not going to do full contact practice." Tracy is set to return to the Rockets line-up as early as Sunday Vs the Detroit Pistons or Monday in New York. Great news for Rockets fans who need to get our team playing together for the long run to the playoffs. With the Rockets only being behind the Spurs 3 games the Rockets need to take a good look at McGrady and make sure that this time when he comes back its to stay!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yao Dips Nuggets!

Houston Rockets today still without T-Mac and Artest played the Denver Nuggets in Houston in an early game. Rockets in the first half played very bad defence letting the Nuggets take it to the basket when ever they wanted to like if it was a layup drill warm-up. Wafer didn't have a great day shooting the ball but managed to find a way to score the ball when needed to. Yao Ming in 1st half spent some time on the bench due to foul trouble but in the second half the Rockets played better team defense shutting down Denvers penetration to the whole and forcing them to take outside shots. The game was tight in the fourth quarter down with about 5 minutes when the Rockets thought that they had it in the bag and BAM!! the lead of 6 that the Rockets had was made into a 3 point Denver lead due to a terrific 4th by J.R Smith who just lit up the Rockets from down town. But the Rockets stayed calm and relied on there big fellow to take them to the promise land and that is what Mr.Ming did! punishing the Nuggets inside and when they started to double team him Yao found the guns ready to knock down some big shots! The game today came down the wire with the Rockets up 2 with about 2 seconds left the Nuggets managed to drive to the basket where Keynon Martin got fouled but missed the first and had to miss the second to give the Nuggets hope for a rebound that could tie the game on the second attempt he did miss like he should have but the ball ended in the hand of Mr.Ming who held on to the ball for a Rockets 115-113 victory. Yao Ming finished the game with 31 points and only 3 rebounds. Rafer and Wafer both had 18 points. The Rockets now improve to 26-16 and 2 games behind the leading Spurs in the Southwest Division. Rockets next game will be on Wednesday at home vs the HATED Utah Jazz a game that i will be at. Game will start at 7:3opm from the Toyota Center.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rockets Burn Out Heat!

The Houston Rockets tonight went up against a young and talented Miami Heat team that is on the rise in the NBA. The Game tonight was pretty much all Rockets due to the great ball team work and once again the passing to the open spots on the floor. Yao Ming tonight was PERFECT!!! going 12-12 from the floor for 26 points and 10 rebounds Yao was pretty much unstoppable making moves to the basket and pulling up for 15 foot jump shots. The game for Yao is alot easier when the team moves the ball around and makes there opponent guessing and making them switch defenders making guys like Haslem stick on Yao instead of Magloire. Rafer Alston is also starting to come to his own again like he did last year when the Rockets had there 22 game win streak making shots from 3 point land and using his floater! Rafer tonight finished with 22 points and 2 assist. Von had another nice quiet game scoring 17 points out of 7-18 shooting. The Heats main two guys had good games for Miami Wade had his Wade numbers going for 29 points and 9 assist and Shawn Marrion had 20 points and 10 rebounds but it wasn't enough for Miami as they go down in Houston 93-86. The Rockets next game will be Monday VS the Denver Nuggets at 1pm due to MLK day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All So Close!

The Houston Rockets are hosting the L.A Lakers tonight in the Toyota Center minus 2 of there big 3. In the first half the Rockets came out with extra energy that they needed to keep up with the defending western conference champs going shot for shot. The Rockets were led by Von Wafer who came out doing it all again hitting 3's taking the ball to the basket with 2 monster jams over the L.A defense also in the 1st half the Rockets got there first look at Dikembe Mutombo this season as he saw some late minutes in the 2nd quarter. At the half the Rockets Lakers knotted up at 54-54. In the secound half the Rockets played just the same as they did in the 1st half moving the ball well side to side and getting the ball down to the post to Yao. But Kobe was way to much late in the fourth hitting 3 straight baskets that gave the Lakers a 4 point lead. The Rockets came back within 2 points with a Rafer Alston floater with under 1 minute left the Lakers got the ball back but not able to make the shot the Rockets got it back but Rafer Alston got fouled but missed 2 Very big free throws with about 8 seconds left that would have tied it at 102. The Rockets then fouled Odom with 7.5 seconds left witch he did miss one that gave the Lakers only with a 3 point lead. After the time out the Rockets inbounded the ball to Aaron Brooks who passed it down to Yao who then took a 2 pointer when they need the 3 ball and that right there was the ball game. My hat gose off to the Rockets who played very well against the Lakers tonight being without Ron Artest and Tracy McGrady and to two other guys who played their hearts out Von Wafer and Carl Landry. Von finished the game tonight with a carrer night going 10-14 from the field 3-4 from behind the ark for 23 points Carl Landry had 21 points off of 8-12 shooting. It was a hard fought game tonight but when the Lakers come in to town you better be ready to give it 110 percent the final tonight from the toyota Center is the Lakers 105 and the Rockets 100.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mcgrady out for 2 weeks and Artest for 1.

For like the third time this year already Tracy Mcgrady will miss two weeks of playing time to try to rest his knee and get it to where it needs to be for the playoff run.
"It doesn't make any sense to be shuffling in and out of the lineup," McGrady said. "If we can all come to a mutual agreement, absolutely...I think we have to do what we have to do to get healthy."
In my mind it might make the Rockets stronger not to have a hurt T-Mac out there not running back on D. and not driving to the basket like the T-Mac of old. So till then Tracy do your self and the fans a favor do not come back till you can be the Tracy Mcgrady we all know and cheer for night in and night out. I just heard this rumor that Ron Artest will be out at least a week. Great news for us Rockets fans two have both Ron and Tracy out for a big game Tuesday vs the Lakers but yet again we are very much use to it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Short Handed Rockets Get Past Knicks.

The Houston Rockets managed to beat the New York Knicks Saturday without the help of Tracy Mcgrady and 6th man Ron Artest. Luis Scola had another one of those Luis Scola nights going for 18 points and 11 boards 2nd leading scorer for the Rockets was Aaron Brooks with 16 points and 4 assist. The final score from Houston last night was 96-76 as the Rockets cruise on for a nice victory in there own home! On Friday rookie guard Von Wafers contract was guaranteed for the remainder of the season (Congrats Von Wafer on being the new replacement for Mcgrady!).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oklahoma Escape!

The Houston Rockets escaped with a win in Oklahoma City tonight barley getting by the Thunder 98-96. The Rockets had one of there most popular quarters tonight. You know the one where they give way to many points and it seems like the other team just has layup drills for that quarter. Well tonight it was the 3rd the Rockets where outscored 32-24 tonight making the game alot closer than what it should have been. Key players for the Rockets tonight was Mr. No back to back Mcgrady scoring 26 points on 8-20 shooting and 9-10 from the charity strike ( A huge difference in T-Macs game the free throws!) following Mcgrady in the scoring col um is Mr.Argentina him self Luis Scola going 6-7 from the field and pulling down 6 boards in 23 minutes of play. The Rockets now will face the New York Knicks in HOUSTON! (Oh my god a home game!!!) on Saturday night without im sure Tracy and maybe Ron Artest. It will be a tough game for the Rockets if they do not have either one of those guys out on the floor with Yao Ming due to the style that the Knicks play up and down and quick shots with some what a small line up. But I'm saying here that the streak will 3 after Saturdays game!