Monday, March 23, 2009

Look Whos On Top Now!

The Houston Rockets have transformed there team alot since the injury of T-Mac that now they play more as a team and do it with ball movement and team defense! Not to say that they couldn't do it with Tracy but this year was not the year for him at all. The Rockets in there last two games they have beaten the Timberwolves and the Spurs! First they took care of the lonely Wolves that where without Al Jefferson but did it in great team fashion winning 107-88. Sunday came with 1st place on the line for both teams. The Rockets seemed to play well not letting the Spurs bully them into playing from behind as the Rockets have done in the past vs teams like the Spurs. The game came down to the last few possions as Luis Scola And Mr. Yao Ming played ill get the ball and pretend to shoot and i will pass it to you for a easy layup! I didn't watch the game do to work!!! ERRRR!!!! But all that matters is that the Rockets came out on top and took the game from the Spurs winning this one 87-85 as the Rockets now own 1st PLACE!!!!! in the Southwest Div. the player of the game was Luis Scola and Ron Artest. Scola finished the game 19 points and a very big 17 rebounds! and for Ron Ron he finished with 24 points and 4 rebounds. Man i want to say one thing to the Rockets as a team I'M SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!! The Rockets now face another very big task as they go to Utah and face the Jazz in a showdown! the game will be at 9:30pm on TNT. HOOK 'EM ROCKETS!!!!

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