Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Very Big WIn Vs Dallas!

Rockets vs the Mavericks need i say more? The Rockets came out the gate side be side with the Mavericks in the first quarter. Jason Kidd And Howard for Dallas got there offense going with some key steals and pushing it for Dallas fast breaks that led to as much as a 7 point lead for them. The game almost got away from the Rockets with a season high 22 turnovers! most of them in the first half that lead to points of turnovers for the bad side! But the Rockets managed not to get to caught up in all the turnovers that they decided that the game was not yet over and that they had a whole half ahead of them so they fought back from 10 down to cut the lead to 7 at the half 51-44. In the second half it was a new Rockets team out there forcing turnovers themselves and playing there best defense in one half all year long holding Dallas to only 13 third quarter points. In the fourth the Rockets got as much as a 15 point lead behind new point guard Kyle Lowry who forced the ball inside and drawing the foul and that opened it up some for Yao to make his presence felt in the paint with a smaller Brandon Bass on him and Hollins. Ron Arest was giving Howard fits with his very tough D! and on the offensive end where Ron put all his strength on him making Josh Howard very tired as you can see when Howard threw a cross coart pass to NO ONE 50 rows up in the stands. Late in the fourth the Rockets lead shrunk down to 3 due to a very big game from Jose Berra and Bradon Bass as they played a pick and roll over and over again as Yao could not come out to defend it and bass hit like 4 in a row and a 3 by Jose cut the lead to 2. But the Rockets new starting point guard Aaron Brooks had one of his biggest shots in his early carrer nailing down a very big three pointer to give the Rockets the victory agaisnt the HATED Mavericks or should i say Ponys! The Rockets pulled this one off despite the turnovers winning this one 93-86. Key performers tonight was 1- Luis Scola who had a great no! AWESOME game with 15 points and 15 rebounds and lets not forget the great D that he had on Dirk holding him to 4-18 shooting for 9 points! 2- Yao Ming who had 22 points and 13 rebounds last but not least was AB who finished the night with 19 points and 8 assist one more guy i would like to thank is RON RON who had 17 points and 7 rebounds. With the win the Rockets are now in 5th place in the west and half a game behind the Blazers for the 4th spot. The Rockets next game will be on Sunday afternoon vs the Charlotte Bobcats in Houston at the Toyota Center and that will be a 4pm start.

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