Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of Gas In NY!

The Rockets tonight in NY played most of the first half playing from behind but did manage to catch up and take the lead in the 2nd period. At the end of the half the Rockets lead 55-58 Rockets managed to get the lead with the play of Carl Landry who had 14 first half points and from Aaron Brooks who had 13 points on 5-9 shooting in 20 minutes of action. The third quarter the Rockets could not make anything in the first couple of minutes as New York did as well both NY had 19 in the third and Houston had 22 points. In the Fourth quarter the Rockets managed to grab a 89-80 lead but could not with hold the Knicks run at the end of the game losing in very bad fashion 104-98 Ny had 30 points in the fourth to Houston's 18! The Rockets didn't get good play from Ron Artest as he had nothing to give the (11 points) Rockets tonight missing everything and was way to in love with the 3 point line tonight going for a whooping 1-10 from behind the arc. Tracy on the other hand was not much better going 7-20 for 20 points. The Rockets in the fourth where way out hustled as New York scored at will in the inside with even Nate Robinson went in the inside scoring 19 points tonight in the Knicks victory. The Rockets where without Yao Ming again tonight who tried to come out at shoot around but could not give it a go tonight due to some pain in the knee. The Rockets will try to get back on track the day after my birthday vs the Warriors in Houston. Maybe if we all PRAY TO GOD!! maybe the Rockets can have a full squad!

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