Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Much Mayo For The Rockets!

I have no idea on what the hell is the Rockets Problem this year i mean they have a good team but can not put the pieces together to get it done on the court. Cant just blame it on Tracy Mcgrady for missing 17 games this year cause you do have depth on this team. In my mind it goes allot further than that, i think there is no team chemistry on or off the court for this team. And another thing is that teams know that the Rockets after Yao have no size and are not a very athletic bunch due to Tracy really being the only one who could be explosive if healthy and another is due to the point guard position Rafer can at times lead the team like a point guard should and the next minute hes taking stupid shots when its a 1-4 fast break and the other point is Aaron Brooks who has been off mostly all year with his shot one game he looks great like the point guard of the future for the Rockets and the next he looks like the next Matt Maloney. The Rockets better look at some trade ideas fast cause the trade deadline is coming on Febuary 17th and the Rockets need some serious help at the point guard spot and the power forward spot and at least a small forward with size and and speed so hurry up MR.MORREY and due your job and make this team better fast cause if you don't we will be in the lottery draft talks real fast! Last night the Rockets faced the Memphis Grizzlies (Lets make the long story short!) who beat the Rockets AGAIN! 104-93 and the night before the Rockets beat the Chicago Bulls 107-100 I'm not going to say the players of the game cause i don't think any one has deserved anything! This team has allot of growing up to do cause with only 32 games left time is running out on this season!!!

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