Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Francis Bought Out By Memphis!

Steve Francis was bought out today by the Memphis Grizzlies who traded for the PG on Thanksgiving day. Francis has yet to play for either the Rockets or the Grizzlies this year. I as a Rockets fan and a Stevie Franchise fan hope that his career is not over and will resume in all-star fashion some day but till then Steve good luck and i hope you have a great comeback! My Highlight with Francis was last year at a Rockets vs Mavericks game when during practice Francis came out of the locker room trying to make a phone call on his phone but was not able to get a signal in the building, So i quickly asked him if would like to use my phone thinking to myself that he would say no thanks but he said yes and he did use it and after he did i asked him if i could have an autograph and he said sure thing so he signed my jersey and a mini basketball that i had i wish allot of players would be as nice as he was that day but there not. So to you Stevie your my BOY! and one of my all time favorites!

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