Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Simply Embarrassing!

Not much to say about this one but simply embarrassing on the Rockets part leading by 17 heading into the fourth quarter and you lose by 3! Just bad coaching and very bad point guard play on Aaron Brooks part. My goodness do the Rockets really think that will be led by Aaron Brooks as the starter? I don't think so he is way to small and gets posted up by almost all the point guards in the NBA. Rockets waste a nice night from Ron Artest till the en when he decided that he could win the game for the Rockets but ended up being the black whole when he touched the ball! Rockets lose this one in stunning fashion as they blow a 17 point lead to the Chicago Bulls in this one and let rookie point guard Derek Rose takes Brooks to school and cap the Bulls comeback win 105-102. Ron finished with a season high 32 points. Rockets play again on Sunday vs the TImberwolves. In other news coming from the Rockets was that they had waived guard Luther Head.

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