Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rockets struggle!

The Rockets struggled last night vs the Kings on the defensive end and boxing out the Kings for offensive rebounds. The Kings won the rebound war with the Rockets 57-50 and the assist war as well 17-13. Carl Landry and a nice return to Houston scoring 21 points and grabbing 11 rebounds in a Kings victory. The Rockets being down most of the whole game found a chance to tie the game in the closing seconds but a Aaron Brooks missed his first free throw and made his second that made it a 81-82 game with about 9 seconds left. After two Carl Landry free throws that made the game 84-81 with 4 ticks on the game clock but Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks missed his wide open three at the buzzer that would have sent the game into overtime. The Rockets will face the Timberwolves on Saturday night at home. The Rockets better get in gear if they dint want to go fishing when the season ends.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rockets Get Past Raptors!

The Rockets on Monday beat the Toronto Raptors 116-92. New guard Kevin Martin is getting more use to playing in the Rockets offense and it shows with his play as of the last three games. Martin last night scored 28 points as did Aaron Brooks. It was close at all as the Rockets hit their first 10 shots of the game. David Anderson scored 16 points off the bench. All the Rockets starters sat out most off all the fourth period. The Rockets keep pushing to get that last 8th seed in the playoffs as the Blazers who own that spot lost last night. The Rockets next game will be a very big and emotional game as Kevin Martin will play vs his old team and Cal Landry will face the Rockets for the first time since the trade.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rockets Split!

The Houston Rockets have split their last two games, the first one at home vs the Spurs where they had the game mostly controlled in most part, leading at times by 20 points and then managing to ketthe Spurs crawl back within as close as 3 late in the fourth quarter. The Rockets escaped with a most need win vs Spurs to stay in the hunt for the eight seed in the playoffs. Also vs the Spurs the Rockets set a franchise record for having 3 players scoring 30 points or more. Kevint Martin had 33, Scola had 30 and point guard Aaron Brooks finished with 31 points, the last 4 from AB came from made free throws. On the next night the Rockets played a complete opposite role just not having anything offer vs the Jazz in Utah. The Rockets from the beginning didn't really have chance do to the face that they where still without Ariza, Lowry and Shane Battier was out as well with flu like symptoms. The Jazz managed to destroy the Rocket hope early and never looked back as the Jazz won the game big 133-110. Houston Rockets have to do some soul searcing if they want to be in the playoff hunt when it's all said and done. The Rockets will play at home vs the Raptors tonight at 7:30pm and the game will be on ch. 678 on DirecTv. Don't forget Rockets fans on Wed. March,3rd the Rockets will face old teammate and fan favorite Carl Landry as they go up aganist Kevin Martins old team the Sacromento Kings. So come out to the Toyota Center and show your love for new Rocket Kevin Martin and show your love for Landry!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Loss!

The Houston Rockets last night faced the Orlando Magic at home. The Rockets from the Beginning of the game where just over powered with the Magics defense and everything else. The Rockets just looked like they where the Nets looking for their first win of the season, just plain terrible! At one point in the game the Rockets were down by more than 20 points and in the third quarter they seem to try to make a last push heading into the fourth. But the Magic team they were facing tonight was to strong in all parts of the game. The only bright spot for the Rockets last night was the good play from Aaron Brooks who continues to play well this year, and also the good second half by Kevin Martin who seem to look for his shot in the third and fourth. The Rockets did manage to cut that 20+ lead by the Magic down to 4 but the Magic came back and put the Rockets away winning the game 110-92. Brooks finished the game with a team high 24 points and Martin finished with 19 points with 17 of those points coming in the 2nd half. The Rockets will face the Spurs and then go on the road to face the Jazz in Utah. No word yet on when Kyle Lowry will return to action and Trevor Ariza is most likely to miss both up coming games and then be looked at again by the teams doctor. The Rockets are now in the 11th seed in the west.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ariza Out

Rockets Guard Trevor Ariza will be out of the Rockets lineup for 3 games and maybe more with what the Rockets are saying is a severe hip pointer. Rick Adelman said that Kevin Martin will step in to the starting line up in Trevors place. Also point guard Kyle Lowry will have his ankle rechecked later this week after reports say the the ankle is not getting any better after he turned it on Febuary,7th vs the 76ers. Rockets will host the Spurs tonight at the Toyota Center.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Trade or Bad Trade?

With the Houston Rockets Recent trade with the Knicks and Kings who got the better end of it so far? Carl Landry is 0-2 so far with the Kings and scoring 18 points last night vs the Suns. Tracy Mcgrady is 0-1 with the Knicks scoring 26 points in a overtime effort vs the Oklahoma City Thunder. And as for our guys, Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries (the only 2 of the 4 that have played) are 0-2. Martin is really struggling with the Rockets shooting is down since joining the Rockets and his free throw attempts are down as well. Is it just a matter of time till all the guys involved in the trade settle down and start to fit in and play like they did back with their old squads? Only time will tell. The Rockets won't play again till Wed. So the new player will have some practice time and hopefully get the game plan down and will be able to perform well vs the Spurs at home.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rockets Strike Gold?

The Houston Rockets yesterday on the NBAs trade deadline managed to pull off a three team trade with the Sacramento Kings and the New York Knicks. The Rockets shipped 6th man of the year canidate Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey to the Kings and injury prone guard Tracy McGrady to the Knicks for Kings guard Kevin Martin and Hilton Armstrong and the Knicks rookie forward Jordan Hill and Jared Jeffires. Rockets also managed to get 2 first round picks from the Knicks one coming in 2011 but its a top pick protected and the other in 2012 and that one is top 5 protected. In my mind the Rockets did very well yesterday on getting what they did, but losing fan favorite Carl Landry was a huge blow to the team and the city who have been there watching Carl grow into the player he is today, since the Rockets traded for him on draft night a few years back. My grade for the Rockets today will be a B+ because not only do you get back draft picks but you save money and now are under the cap for this years free agent class. I wish Carl and Tracy nothing but the best with their new teams. Maybe 2 years from now we could see Carl back in a Rockets uniform! (one can only hope!). The Houston Rockets will be in action tonight at home vs the Pacers at 7:30pm on ch. 678 (DirecTv) and maybe tonight we will see Kevin Martin and Jordan Hill in Action.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Whats To Come For The Rockets?

With the All-Star game this Sunday in the new Texas Stadium in Arlington, The Rockets sit at the break with a 27-24 record and 4.5 back to the Mavericks in the southwest division. Next Thursday is the NBA trade deadline and the Rockets are in talks with more than 5 teams right now for the rights to Tracy Mcgrady, most recent talks come from the New York Knicks and the Washington Wizards that will include all 3 teams in a three team deal that would send Mcgrady to New York and Caron Butler and Brandon Haywood and the expiring contract of retired guard Cuttino Mobley, Washington would get forward Al Harrington from the Knicks. Like i said these are all rumors and nothing will happen most likely till Thursday on the trade deadline. I think the Rockets need to trade Shane Battier and get something in return for him cause he is not bringing anything right now to the table and the Rockets should use him while some teams might want him for there playoff run and get a young talent or a future draft pick. In other Rockets news point guard Aaron Brooks was passed up for third time by the NBA on replacing yet another guard who will miss the All-Star game due to injury! Aaron should take this and use it as yet another reason to show all those coaches who passed him up in the draft and again this year. Aaron is scoring career highs this year with 19.4 points a game and making .391 percent of his 3's. The Rockets have allot of work to do if they want to make the playoffs and for that to happen they have to get back up point guard back from the injured list in Kyle Lowry who has a sprained ankle and will be out for another week or so. In my mind the best is yet to come for the Rockets and after they get the Mcgrady issue taken care of they can concentrate on basketball and not have to hear all that's being said back and fourth from Mcgrady and the team! The next game for Rockets will be on 2/16/10 at home vs the Utah Jazz, that game will be a 7:30 start and will be on ch.678 on DirecTv...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Joey Dorsey Is For Real!

The Houston Rockets now have back to back 20+ points wins in their last two games. Last night the Rockets beat up on the Memphis Grizzlies beating the young team 101-83. The Rockets got a huge surprise from second year power forward Joey Dorsey who has spent most of his two years in the D-League and last night finally got his chance to show what he could do and he did not disappoint! Dorsey finished the game with 7 points and 12 Rebounds and 1 block shot! Aaron Brooks had AB night scoring 15 points of his 19 in the third. Ariza as of late is playing allot better with controlling his desire to fire away from 3 point land and is taking the ball strong to the basket. Ariza finished the night 17 points 8 rebounds. The Rockets have now started playing the same type of defense that they played in the beginning of the season and now it shows in the Rockets play as of late. Also last night the Rockets got great news when injured guard Kyle Lowry return to the lineup from a strain knee. Rockets will be at home tonight to host the Philadelphia 76ers and that will be a 7:30 start and will be shown on ch.678 if you have DirecTv.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Half!

With more than half of the NBA season already been played out who would have thought that the Houston Rockets would be right there in the playoff hunt? The Rockets as of today are 3rd in the Southwest division with a record of 26-22. The Rockets so far this season have had great bench production especially from 6th man of the year candidate Carl Landry who is averaging 16.5 ppg and is second to Lebron James in fourth quarter points at just about 8 points, also the Rockets have had 3rd year point guard Aaron Brooks come to life this season leading the team in points with 19.3 points a game and also hitting .391 percent from behind the arc. so far this season the Rockets have had there ups and downs with great wins in L.A vs the Lakers and in Dallas vs the Mavericks and then you look at the bad ones that they have had but i like to block those games out myself! With the Rockets just finishing the longest home stand of the year witch they finished it with a 5-5 record! very disappointing cause lots of those games they had there chances but fell asleep on the defensive side of the ball and another big part is something every team should be able to so and that hit there free throws in the Rockets case seem to be getting worse at! cause in the beginning of the season the Rockets where among the top teams in free throw shooting and now are around 18th in the league. The Rockets now await the NBA trade deadine cause they are waiting to see who will be willing to take Tracy Mcgrady of there hands and give them back a young prospect and a center so the Rockets are now just playing the waiting game till then. After the All-Star Break the Rockets should have a better idea on who they truly are and can be with a trade and getting Kyle Lowry back who is on the IL with strain knee. With 34 games left in the season i see the Rockets getting back to there hustle play and making the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed. The next Rockets game will be with the new and very improved Memphis Grizzlies in Memphis at 7pm on ch. 678 on DirecTV.