Saturday, March 7, 2009

Suns Go Down In Houston!

The Houston Rockets last night vs the Suns played well in the first half controlling the Phoenix Suns fast breaks and maintain there half court pace and running with there new point guard Aaron Brooks. Aaron really held his own vs Steve Nash and Barbosa speed wise and scoring but Aaron is still struggling on the defensive side of the ball getting killed on teams pick and rolls and post up of bigger guards but that will come to him in time. The Rockets at the half lead the Suns 56-46. In the second half Steve Nash made his presence felt scoring 28 points in the second half and by his self helped the suns take a 2 point lead after trailing the whole game with about 2 minutes left. Ron Artest in the following possion hit a 15 foot fade away the tied the game up. With under a minute left and the game tied again the Rockets decided to hand the ball off to Aaron Brooks and let him use his quickness to the basket witch he scored on a kind off difficult layup around Shaq with that basket the Rockets took a 114-112 lead. With the Suns next play the Suns decided to go for the win on the road so they gave the ball the Nash for a 3 but he was meet at the top pf the key with a very stretched out Yao Ming who changed and made the shot very hard for Nash and luckily for the Rockets his shot hit the front part of the rim and the Rockets escaped with a 116-112 victory over the Phoenix Suns. Nash after scoring only 3 points in the first half finished the night with 32 points. Aaron Brooks for the Rockets had a career night scoring with 30 points of his own! Ron Artest finished with 21 points and 6 rebounds. Rockets next game will be in Memphis on Sunday night.

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