Monday, March 9, 2009

A Win Is A Win! But Nothing Is Free!

The Houston Rockets where on back to back games vs the Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets. Yesterdays game vs the Grizzlies the Rockets just took charge early and really never let there foot off the pedal winning in easy fashion 93-83. The Rockets bench saw alot of garbage time last night after the starters had a 20 point lead in the fourth. Carl Landry and Yao made there presence felt in the middle blocking a team high 9 in the first half. Top performers for the Rockets last night was Yao Ming with 24 points and 17 rebounds and Luis Scola again had a double double with 18 points and 14 rebounds. In tonight's action vs the Nuggets the Rockets had to fight back after being down in most of the 1st half. The Rockets with good play from Aaron Brooks in the second quarter took a 40-45 score to the locker room. In the third quarter the Rockets came out with alot fire power on both ends of the floor. In the fourth quarter things once again got very ugly as the Rockets blew a 19 point lead and let Denver come back with in 3 points but the Rockets with Ron Artest helping the Rockets keep there cool after Yao Ming fouled out with 6 fouls and the 6th one coming on a BONE HEAD! play from Yao reaching around Billups at the half court trying to get a steal. Ron was very huge tonight for the Rockets making shots playing stellar D! and rebounding the ball but the most thing that impressed me was the fact that he was the LEADER on the floor for Houston! The Rockets tonight escape once again on the road with a victory winning by two 97-95. Player of the game was RON RON scoring 22 points and 6 rebounds but his defense and leadership was more important! The biggest story tonight for the Rockets was not that they won but they missed ALOT OF FREE THROWS! going 20-35 from the line a 57% disgrace tonight! Better go to gym and practice. Rockets next game will be on Wednesday vs the L.A Lakers in Houston where the Rockets currently have a 13 game winning streak at home.

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