Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rockets Lose Game Because of Refs!

The Houston Rockets last night faced an old team mate in Ron Artest and his new squad the L.A Lakers and as well for new Rocket Trevor Ariza who was with the Lakers last season and won a tittle with L.A. The Game was very exciting to watch as both teams seemed to go at it back and fourth. As for the first half the Rockets stayed with the Lakers with a balanced act from Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry who brought his post game with him to thte Toyota Center last night. As for the two guys facing there old teams Ron seemed to let the game come to him in the first half and played like the Ron of old, banging inside and playing the Artest signature defence. And for Trevor he was the complete other way forcing every shot and making mistakes passing the ball and dribbling in traffic. It was a great game to watch as the game came down to the last seconds. With the game tied at 89 the Lakers went back to Kobe as they were doing all night long! with a Rockets double team coming at him with 14 seconds left Kobe found the guy the Rockets and their fans did not want to have to ball to beat them and that was Ron who hit a three to give the Lakers a 92-89 lead with 14 seconds left. After a Rockets time out (Ron told the Toyota Center crowd to take a time out!) The Rockets got tangled up by the Lakers, with a jump ball being called with 8 seconds left the Rockets won the toss and with a Landry pass to who the Lakers did not want to have the ball, Trevor Ariza took the pass from Carl and nailed the three to tie the game up at 92 and sent the game to over time. In the Ot the Rockets stayed with Kobe and the Lakers till the last seconds of the OT with the Lakers leading by one Aaron Brooks drove to the basket and was fouled by Fisher, but the call was made WRONG! the Refs called a foul before the shot! The reply shows that AB was fouled while attempting to take the layup. With that VERY BAD call the Lakers left the Toyota Center with a one point win winning the game 103-102. Kobe went to the line 15 times helping his 41 point effort. As for the Ron Artest in his return to Houston he scored 15 points and had 6 rebounds. And for Ariza it was a night he would rather forget as he went 5-21 for 15 points and 9 rebounds. With the lost the Rockets fall to 3-2 and now will face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday. Fridays game will also be the game that the Rockets will wear there new Jerseys for the first time. The game will be at 7:30pm at the Toyota Center. Before i go i will like to give much deserve credit to Chuck Hayes who has played his tail off this season and without him we would NOT be 3-2 so thank you Chuck for your hard work!

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