Sunday, March 15, 2009

What To Do WIth Time Runnning Out?

The Rockets with not much time left in the regular season have alot of things to do! First they need to figure out how to defend the pick and roll! then they need to decide who is the leader A) Ron Artest or B) Yao Ming? Then they need to get Yao the ball down low more often and when they don't give it to Yao they need to give it Ron down low and make him create cause they is not to many defenders that can guard the man one on one! One more thing they need to get going is the rotation of the bench they need to figure out if they feel if its in there best interest if they pull AB from the starting roll and plug in Lowry then they need to see if Brent Barry is in there plans to play in the playoffs or just Von Waffer getting most of there minutes at the back up 2 spot. Well Rockets time is running out and you better figure everything out by April 18th. Anyways the Rockets did have a game last night vs the San Antonio Spurs in Houston. I did miss the first half of action but did make it back in time to watch the whole second half. By the looks of it all the Rockets lost this one in the 2nd period due to them only scoring 15 points in the quarter. Anyways it was to much Parker and Duncan in the final minutes of the game as the Rockets did have a shot but came up short on a Aaron Brooks layup try on Duncan. Once again the Rockets fall to the Spurs 85-88. Rockets so called player of the game was Ron Artest with 21 points and 9 rebounds. Rockets next game will be on Monday vs the Hornets in New Orleans at 7pm. Please Rockets find a way to start making your free throws and cut the darn turn overs.

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