Friday, March 13, 2009

Artest Saves The Day!

Rockets tonight vs the Charlotte Bobcats had a ok performance on the court. It was there skill to play up to the level of there opponent. Rockets came out alittle lazy like if they where not really up to this game making the same mistakes that have hunted them this season with thing like sloppy passing bad shot selections and maybe coaching. In the first half the Rockets had to fight just to stay within striking distance of the Bobcats tonight. Yao played well in the first half doing what he does making the other team double team him and when the double team came he would find the open man, But the problem was that the open man would either dribble into a double team or just flat out throw the ball away. Going into the half the Rockets had a chance to tie but instead went to the half trailing by 2 with a score of 46-48. In the second half things didn't really change as both teams clamped down on the defensive side of the ball. In the fourth the Rockets managed to take a 6 point lead but they also managed to give the lead up within the closing seconds with a Ron Artest dribble marathon that ended with a turnover and a Bobcats chance to take the lead and they DID! with a Raja Bell put back off the glass. On the Rockets next possion the Rockets went back to Ron Artest who had Gerald Wallace on him, Ron dribble with a some what of a crossover that put Wallace on his bum and Artest open for the 18 foot jumper. The Rockets got the ball back and got fouled as the Bobcats missed there chance to take the lead back Aaron brooks was headed to the free throw line and as calm as Aaron could be he sunk in both free throws that gave the Rockets a 3 point lead. The Bobcats being down 3 with 7 seconds left tried to find Radmanovic for the 3 but he was met with RON RON and Ron took the ball away from him and ran back to the other side for a layup and that sealed the deal for the Rockets as they win tonight 91-86. Player of the game was Yao Ming who hit his first 3 of the way in the 4th! Yao finished the night with 23 points and 8 rebounds. If i could say one thing to Yao it would be PLEASE HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL PLEASE SIR!. Anyways nice win for the good guys. The Rockets now go back home to Houston to play the San Antonio Spurs who are up 2 games in the Southwest Division tomorrow at the Toyota Center at 7:30pm. The Rockets also signed James White to a second 10 day contract today.

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