Thursday, March 5, 2009

Decided By Refs?

The Rockets where in Utah last night to face the Utah Jazz who have been on a roll as of late after getting back forward Carlos Boozer back from an injury. Rockets pretty much held there own last night in the first half getting good play from Brooks and Artest And Yao. It wasn't till the second half that the refs decided not to be any different then all the other refs in the league on calling fouls and all other kind of junk on Yao!If you ask me i don't know what the man can do! There is one play that stuck out on mind and that was i think in the 3rd quarter when Yao went to post up and when he did Okur fell back like 25 feet back and did a tumble like if some one had shot him! and you know it the offensive fouls was called on Yao! Any ways the Rockets did what the Rockets could do and that's go out there and play basketball and hope that the refs wouldnt spoil there effort but we where wrong and they did! After trailing by double digits the Rockets came back with the help of Kyle Lowry who helped the Rockets make a 6-0 run heading into the fourth period. In the fourth the Rockets managed to tie the game at 85-85 but Deron Williams was to much for the Rockets to take as he went of to score 6 points in a row and Utah did not look back winning this one 101-94.Artest finished the night scoring 25 points and grabbing down 5 rebounds and Yao had 19 points and 5 blocks. The Rockets where disgusted about the refs. And if you want proof check out this link to the Houston Chronicle web site.

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