Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Half Troubles!

The Rockets last night vs the Lakers came out like they wanted to win the game and not just win but make a state meant out of it. It was a good game in the first half as the Rockets took an early lead after the bench came in to set the tempo with Lowry, Landry and Waffer the only really Britte spot for the Rockets last night. In the first half for Houston the Rockets managed to run the ball and hold Kobe Bryant to only 6 first half points as the Rockets took a 11 point lead into halftime break 40-51. In the second half the Rockets just looked out of sync turning over the ball alot missing point blank shots and once again falling to nail down the easy free throws. Ron Artest did not have anything last night to offer his teammates as he failed to score when the Rockets needed him to. Rons defense was good at times but him and Shane just did not have any answers for number 24! as Kobe went of for 31 second half points and lead his Lakers to an easy victory in the Toyota Center winning this one 96-102. The Rockets need to learn not pass into double coverage when Yao is being fronted and not make Yao bend over for a bad pass this kind of stuff will hurt the Rockets if players like Lowry and Brooks learn how to pass Yao the ball down low. And as for Ron please stop forcing up shot and trying to be the hero all the time like Von! play team ball and spread the wealth and good things will happen till then we are going to be in trouble. We need to see more of a quick and smart team on the floor! i don't know why they don't put a team like Waffer,Brooks,Lowry,Landry, and Scola just to see what could happen cause it wont hurt. Houston's top performer last night vs the Lakers was Von Waffer who had 20 points and 3 steals. Rockets play again on Friday at Charlotte Bobcats.

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