Monday, February 9, 2009

Embarrassed In Milwaukee!!!

The Rockets tonight vs the Bucks in the first half where extremely terrible!!! They let the Bucks shoot 57% from the floor! No defense has hurt the Rockets all season long so far giving up inside scoring left and right. Charlie Bell came into the game for the Bucks and hit his first 7 shots and Richard Jefferson also playing well for Milwaukee scoring 14 first half points. Tracy McGrady has been a NO SHOW so far going 1-6 for 3 points! This has been very hard to watch there is no ball movement no spacing just allot of dribbling and one on one stuff (Ron Artest!). At the half the Rockets are down to the Bucks 58-64 YES 64 POINTS AT THE HALF FOR MILWAUKEE!!!. Well what more can i say than this Rockets Team SUCKS! This is the worst Houston team i have seen in a very long time! They came out with no passion tonight giving up 124 points to this Milwaukee team that is 16 games out of there own division! If i where Rockets fans at the next Rockets home game i would wear a TRASH BAG OVER MY FACE! This team is just HORRIBLE Tracy McGrady has nothing to give this team at all Rafer is the same garbage player Artest is there only for Ron Artest and Shane Battier is um well i dont know what he is doing out there! Yao looked like a beat down Yao that has forgot how to play this game to his advantage (His size!) When your bench out plays your starters you are in deep Shh! To lose this game was a sign to all Rockets fans every where that with this team that they put out on that floor that they will be in the lottery come June! I know that the trade deadline is on the 17th but the Rockets cant wait till then they have to make a move NOW!!!! cause this is a puzzle that has all the wrong pieces on it i say get rid of Tracy, Shane Battier, Rafer Alston and what ever else you need to give up to improve this team cause they are not i mean NOT in the same league as the Lakers or even the Memphis Grizzlies! If you care to know the Rockets got there buts handed to them in a game that the final score dose not show how bad but it was the Bucks 124 to the Rockets 112. Man what a loss to take i hope that on the plane ride that they start doing some soul searching cause they are on the same level as a team in the D-League. Ohh yeah top performer if there really was one is Aaron Brooks and Carl Landry. Brooks had 23 points and Landry finished with 16 points.

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