Monday, March 16, 2009

Rockets Get Must Needed Win

The Rockets tonight without Yao Ming who missed tonight's game do to the flu played a great game. In the first half the Rockets hung right there with the Hornets trading baskets and trying to contain CP3 at both ends of the court (If that is really possible!) Paul did do his thing tonight but the Rockets did do a good job not letting him create and dish out to his favorite target in David West. Ron Artest had the worst first half you could have going for like 0-10 at one point. Aaron Brooks held his own tongiht as he went vs Chirs Paul AB is starting to play with alot more confidence out there and he takes what the defense gives him either the drive or the open jumper. The Rockets Bench did a great job getting in there and out playing the Hornets bench alot had to do with the play of Waffer who came into this game and just did what he had to do he drove to the basket and broke down the defense he passed the ball when needed to he did everything his team wanted him to do tonight. The Rockets did lead in the first half by 8 at one point but the Hornets did manage to get back into the game and took the lead going into the half 44-47. In the second half the Rockets got down by 11 with a Hornets 8-0 run to start the 3rd period but the Rick called a time out and the Rockets did respond to the coach going on a nice run of there own and taking the lead from the Hornets as Ron found his game and the Rockets figured out how to beat teams by playing as a team as they did in tonight's game. After the Rockets won the 3rd they never looked back as they won a very big game in the big easy as a team. The final score tonight was the Yao Ming less Rockets 95 and the CP3's 84. I want to talk about how big Deke was tonight with 6 rebounds and 3 BIG block shots that scared the Hornets away from the basket tonight. The Player of the game was Von Waffer who finished the game with 12 points and 5 assist even though i would like to give it to the whole Rockets team! A big game tonight for the Rockets cause they stayed in the 3rd spot in the west and if they would have lost they would have dropped from 3rd to 6th place just like that. Rockets next game will be a home game vs the Detroit Pistons and that will be a 8:30pm start a hour later than normal time.

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