Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rockets Lose To The Lakers And The Refs!

Last night in L.A the Houston Rockets came out fighting shot for shot with the Lakers. In the first quarter the Rockets kept within reach of the Lakers with help from sure all-star Kyle Lowry who created opportunities for Chase Budinger and Luis Scola for easy baskets in the paint and outside. In the second quarter the Rockets had bench help from Goran Dragic and Samuel Dalembert who tried to slow down the Lakers big man Bynum but wasn't really sucselful in doing that as Bynum camped in the paint for like 10 seconds at a time with no 3 seconds being called at all and that made it easy for Bynum to get good position for easy baskets and rebounds. Patrick Paterson who is trying to get back in to form from his sprained ankle suffered before the season started was not able to really be much help at all. As the second half closed the Lakers Kobe Bryant and Steve Blake put the Lakers on top going into half time 46-50.
In the second half the Rockets tried to keep the lead that they got but when Courtney Lee left the game with a strained calf in the fourth quarter that gave Kobe his chance to continue to take over cause no one on the Rockets good contain him but Lee who is one of Houston's few top defenders. The Lakers edged the Rockets at the end 108-99. The Rockets really had no chance as the Lakers had players on the court to the Rockets 5! Yes the refs where a part of the Lakers team last night as they hid their whistles when the Rockets where on offense. The Lakers had 27 free throw attempts to the Rockets 7! Call me crazy but that's just way to big of a difference between teams in my mind. The Rockets were out rebounded 53 to 38 and the Rockets shot 42% from the feild and the Lakers 52%. There was a few bright spots for the Rockets last night first off was the excellent play from Kyle Lowry who is on a tear this season so far, Lowry scored 22 points 10 rebounds and 9 assist 1 assist from a triple double. the second bright spot was the shooting from Chase Budinger who seemed to drive to the basket at times and had 4 three pointers and finished the night with 16 points. Luis Scola well Scola had another nice night scoring 20 points and 5 rebounds 10-18 shooting. The Rockets will now play the Clippers in the same building in witch they played in last night. The Clippers will have Chauncy Billups back for tonight's game. We will see how the Rockets respond to this high flying act of a Clippers team. The Rockets will be without Lee who is day to day with a calf strain.