Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rockets Play Some Sweet Jazz!

The Houston Rockets most be feeling alot better as a team right now. Not only are the Rockets Winning but they are doing it with some style! Yesterday game vs Utah was another one of those games in witch the Rockets managed to keep the game tempo the way they wanted it. Rockets started the game by forcing the issue with ball movement and taking it to the rim. Yao and luis Scola set there mark in the game by being aggressive and making Utah play more double teams on the two bi gs from Houston that led to spreading the court and Yao being able to find the open shooters in this case Von and BB Gun (Brent Barry). Rockets led at the Half by 13 55-42. In the second hale the Rockets didn't really change anything they kept on adding to there lead and at one point led by 16 points. But like Utah all ways dose they made there run in the fourth quarter bringing the game to as close as 4 points. But the Rockets called a timeout and kept there cool and on the next play with about 2 and a half minutes remaining the Rockets had a broken down play but managed to find a open Von Wafer who was open for a corner 3 and Von gave the Rockets a 7 point lead. The Rockets for the remainder of the game where fouled bu Utah and Houston managed to hit all there key free throws and hold on for the 108-99 victory against the hated Jazz! Leading scorers of the game are Rafer Alston who had 23 points on 7-13 shooting and in second place was a tie with Luis Scola and Yao Ming who both finished with 19 points a piece. The Rockets are now 2-0 vs Utah this year and both games they did not have T-Mac and in this one they didn't have Luther Head and Ron Artest either. The Rockets now go on the road for 3 games vs Pacers, Pistons and New York Knicks. Tracy McGrady is planning to return to the Rockets line up as early as Sunday vs the Pistons.

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