Friday, January 23, 2009

Houston Swept By Indiana

The Houston Rockets played the Indiana Pacers tonight without Yao Ming in the second half who hurt his left knee in the first half. The Rockets just did not have it tonight making costly turnovers left and right and not being able to rebound at all and the most important reason the Rockets lost tonight and nope it wasn't that they didn't have Yao or Tracy or Ron it was the HORRIBLE REF!!!! Tony Brothers! That man should be able to ref any of the Rockets games at all cause its very easy to see that he has some kind of grudge against Yao and the Rockets but in most part Yao! And its just stupid calls like Yao getting hammered trying to get position and hes the one who gets the call and the other one was in one point when Rafer gut hit on the arm and the ball was recovered by the Pacers and Rafer just telling him that he got fouled and turned his body around to go on with the game well Tony Brothers did not like the way he most have turned cause he T'd up Rafer. I mean there was allot more than that but that is all i am getting in to with that sorry excuse of a ref!. The Rockets managed to stay within striking distance toward the end of the game but came out short losing to the Pacers tonight 107-102. Luis Scola led the Rockets tonight in scoring with 25 points Carl Landry added 17 points of the bench. The Rockets played well enough to win tonight but could not manage to cut the down the turnovers and close the lane down. The Rockets next game is on Sunday vs the Pistons in Detroit.

The Rockets might have Tracy McGrady back in the lineup but be without Yao! What else can you expect from the Rockets one thing good happens but a bad is on its way! Yao is day to day with a bruised knee witch was X-Rayed in at half time and the results came back negative. Maybe one day the Rockets curse will be wiped away and we will be able to have a FULL ROSTER! But till it happens all we can do is pray that it will happen soon.

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