Monday, January 19, 2009

Yao Dips Nuggets!

Houston Rockets today still without T-Mac and Artest played the Denver Nuggets in Houston in an early game. Rockets in the first half played very bad defence letting the Nuggets take it to the basket when ever they wanted to like if it was a layup drill warm-up. Wafer didn't have a great day shooting the ball but managed to find a way to score the ball when needed to. Yao Ming in 1st half spent some time on the bench due to foul trouble but in the second half the Rockets played better team defense shutting down Denvers penetration to the whole and forcing them to take outside shots. The game was tight in the fourth quarter down with about 5 minutes when the Rockets thought that they had it in the bag and BAM!! the lead of 6 that the Rockets had was made into a 3 point Denver lead due to a terrific 4th by J.R Smith who just lit up the Rockets from down town. But the Rockets stayed calm and relied on there big fellow to take them to the promise land and that is what Mr.Ming did! punishing the Nuggets inside and when they started to double team him Yao found the guns ready to knock down some big shots! The game today came down the wire with the Rockets up 2 with about 2 seconds left the Nuggets managed to drive to the basket where Keynon Martin got fouled but missed the first and had to miss the second to give the Nuggets hope for a rebound that could tie the game on the second attempt he did miss like he should have but the ball ended in the hand of Mr.Ming who held on to the ball for a Rockets 115-113 victory. Yao Ming finished the game with 31 points and only 3 rebounds. Rafer and Wafer both had 18 points. The Rockets now improve to 26-16 and 2 games behind the leading Spurs in the Southwest Division. Rockets next game will be on Wednesday at home vs the HATED Utah Jazz a game that i will be at. Game will start at 7:3opm from the Toyota Center.

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