Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rockets Escape With The Victory!

The Rockets tonight vs the Portland Trailblazers played a good first half of basketball playing team ball and guys moving without the ball and easy baskets. Yao Ming was screwed again by the refs tonight for calls that went on him like the two FLOPS!! that Joel Pryzbilla got in the first quarter and on the second one he got up and ran back laughing wit his teammates! The way Yao Ming is called is just out of this world i mean how can a 7'6 center not be able to get his postion and when trying to a guy like Pryzbilla gets touched barley and he falls over! this is just disgusting basketball to see Yao Ming being refed like this every darn game! Back to the game Yao was not much a factor due to foul trouble it was more of guys like AB and Luis Scola that really kept the Rockets in there game plan. Aaron Brooks tonight was great penetrating to the basket on high screens and when we could not he still managed to find Chuck Hayes and Luis Scola for easy layups. Von Waffer also came in to the game and was very aggressive take it strong to the whole and getting the calls. In the end of the first half the Rockets where up as many as 19 points and at the half led the Blazers 60-43. In the second half the Rockets game was just plain ole UGLY! as they got beat many times with Blakes penetration to the basket as he found Aldridge for a few slams down low and Travis Outlwaw for pop out jumpers. The Rockets got out scored in the third 26-18 shooting poorly and just did no have any energy out there. Going back to Yao for a minute how does a ref call a travel on a player after being double teamed and pushed around and he also comes out with a bloody eye? (Yao had to go and get 2 stitches.)Anyways the fourth quarter was no better for the Rockets as the Blazers kept coming closer and closer as Brandon Roy started to get it going for Portland and the Houston had no answer for anything for him as the time wind down Portland seemed like they would comeback from the 19 point lead that the Rockets had earlier and win this game as Portland with time running down cut the Rockets lead to 2 points with 24 seconds left in the game. The game then turned into free throws as Houston made all of there pressure free throws as AB stepped up and nailed two that gave Houston a 4 point lead but the Blazers answered again with a Roy layup that was not contested after the layup Ron Artest nailed down 2 more free throws and after a Blazers failed 3 Ron again nailed down 2 more to give the Rockets a very ugly but important game that they needed to surpass the Blazers for the 4th seed in the west. The Final count tonight from Houston was your Rockets 98-94. Tonight's player of the game goes to Luis Scola who had his 5th straight double double with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Yao had 15 points, Ron had 21 points and Brooks had 20 points 2 assist. Portland's leasing scorer tonight was Brandon Roy who had 24 points. The Rockets now gear up to fight against Lebron and the Cavs on Thursday in Houston. That game will be on TNT at 7pm.

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