Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Houston Rockets did what everybody thought they wouldn't do and that's beat the world champions in there home court where they have only lost once this year (Make it Twice!). The Rockets played a well as group helping out on defense and moving the ball to the open man for an easy baskets. But before i go into the man of the hour in my mind let me give a well deserve standing O! to Chuck Hayes who played hell of tight D! all night on Kevin Garnett, so thanks Chuck cause of you we able to control him inside from going off like he was in the first quarter against Scola. But the true player of the game in my book goes to Von Wafer. Not only did Von have nice shooting night going 4-6 from behind the arc but Von hit a go ahead basket that gave the Rockets a 2 point lead after being down one with under a minute to play. Also nice games from the big man Mr. Yao Ming who played like a monster tonight scoring 26 points off 10-13 shooting. Ron Artest was Ron Artest playing defense like only Ron knows how to and making plays when the Rockets needed them. Its to bad that the refs still wont call games like they should be called in the NBA instead going after players like Ron for his reputation and Yao for his size! Anyways its a great win for the Rockets last night for there measuring stick to see how they need to play and to see how far they are from getting there. The final score from Boston was our Houston Rockets 89 and the Boston Celtics 85. The Rockets will be on the road for one more game Friday night when they play the worst team in the NBA the Oklahoma City Thunder hopefully they will not play to the level of the team they are going up against.


  1. Thank you for rooting for the Rockets. Yesterday's game was really amazing. Rockets are usually tough when facing strong teams. I hate to see sluggish Rockets against weak opponents. Hope they do not look down on any NBA team. Treating every rival as Boston will do them good.

  2. I agree with very much! They should have played the Thunder the way they played the Celtics and maybe instead of a 2 point win it could have been 27! Thanks for your coment.