Friday, January 2, 2009

Self Distruck!!!

This team is now HORRIBLE! No since of direction in the way they are going one week they look good and the other week they look like a very big MESS! And tonight's showing in Toronto was a display on how bad this team really is. The Rockets had no one show up tonight except Von Wafer who only played in Garbage time for 12 minutes and managed to hit 7-9 shots for 18 points. 18 points in 12 minutes are you serious Rick? I mean your big 3 where a combined 11-32 for 30 points are you really serious Artest was 4-11 for 12 points Yao was 5-12 for 14 points and She-Mac was 2-9 for a whopping 4 points! Man is this what we have to look forward to for the rest of the season? Until Tracy decides he can clean up his issues and look like he gives a damn or trade him for Gatorade or a nice roll player in return this team is heading no where! Maybe its deeper than just the players not showing like they care maybe its in issue with the coach and no one has made public cause they are not running his offense and not trying for the man. And by the way the final score tonight from Toronto was 94-73. Until Tomorrow when we get to see another great basketball performance from the Rockets when they face Joe Johnson and the Atlanta Hawks without She-Mac who will sit that game out cause he cant play back to back games cause he gives 110 percent out there the night before and its to much for his little old poor knee.

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