Friday, January 2, 2009

Houston @ Toronto

The Rockets will go into the game tonight Vs the Raptors knowing that they will be without Shane Battier and maybe Tracy Mcgrady who will not be playing in back to backs. Since the Rockets will play tonight Vs Toronto and tomarrow Vs the Hawks we will have to see what game Tracy decides to play in. In the last few games for the Rockets they have played the Hornets in witch they lost 79-88 that game was played without Artest. The next game was vs Utah witch they won that on in overtime 120-115 that game was played without Mcgrady. The 3rd game of 5 was Vs the Wizards a game witch they had all Mcgrady, Yao, and Artest but yet they lost the game. And the last game of 2008 the Rockets Faced the Bucks in Houston a game that was alittle sloppy. The Rockets lost a 15 point lead in the secound period to barley win the contest 85-81. The Rockets where lead by Yao Ming who scored 22 points and grabbed 10 boards. Tonights game vs the Raptors will be a tough one in my mind due to the Raptors size. The Rockets willl have to try to match up aganist Jermaine o'Neal,Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani with Chuck Hayes and Luis Scola and Carl Landry who both are 6'9 and Hayes who is listed at 6'6. Artest will once again have to guard a player who is bigger than he is in Andrea Bargnani it will be a tough match up but i think Artest should be able to stop him from going off for 15 or so points. Final stats of the game Rockets 97 And Raptors 82. Leading scorer will be Aaron Brooks who will have 26 points and 7 assist.

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