Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All So Close!

The Houston Rockets are hosting the L.A Lakers tonight in the Toyota Center minus 2 of there big 3. In the first half the Rockets came out with extra energy that they needed to keep up with the defending western conference champs going shot for shot. The Rockets were led by Von Wafer who came out doing it all again hitting 3's taking the ball to the basket with 2 monster jams over the L.A defense also in the 1st half the Rockets got there first look at Dikembe Mutombo this season as he saw some late minutes in the 2nd quarter. At the half the Rockets Lakers knotted up at 54-54. In the secound half the Rockets played just the same as they did in the 1st half moving the ball well side to side and getting the ball down to the post to Yao. But Kobe was way to much late in the fourth hitting 3 straight baskets that gave the Lakers a 4 point lead. The Rockets came back within 2 points with a Rafer Alston floater with under 1 minute left the Lakers got the ball back but not able to make the shot the Rockets got it back but Rafer Alston got fouled but missed 2 Very big free throws with about 8 seconds left that would have tied it at 102. The Rockets then fouled Odom with 7.5 seconds left witch he did miss one that gave the Lakers only with a 3 point lead. After the time out the Rockets inbounded the ball to Aaron Brooks who passed it down to Yao who then took a 2 pointer when they need the 3 ball and that right there was the ball game. My hat gose off to the Rockets who played very well against the Lakers tonight being without Ron Artest and Tracy McGrady and to two other guys who played their hearts out Von Wafer and Carl Landry. Von finished the game tonight with a carrer night going 10-14 from the field 3-4 from behind the ark for 23 points Carl Landry had 21 points off of 8-12 shooting. It was a hard fought game tonight but when the Lakers come in to town you better be ready to give it 110 percent the final tonight from the toyota Center is the Lakers 105 and the Rockets 100.

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