Friday, February 19, 2010

Rockets Strike Gold?

The Houston Rockets yesterday on the NBAs trade deadline managed to pull off a three team trade with the Sacramento Kings and the New York Knicks. The Rockets shipped 6th man of the year canidate Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey to the Kings and injury prone guard Tracy McGrady to the Knicks for Kings guard Kevin Martin and Hilton Armstrong and the Knicks rookie forward Jordan Hill and Jared Jeffires. Rockets also managed to get 2 first round picks from the Knicks one coming in 2011 but its a top pick protected and the other in 2012 and that one is top 5 protected. In my mind the Rockets did very well yesterday on getting what they did, but losing fan favorite Carl Landry was a huge blow to the team and the city who have been there watching Carl grow into the player he is today, since the Rockets traded for him on draft night a few years back. My grade for the Rockets today will be a B+ because not only do you get back draft picks but you save money and now are under the cap for this years free agent class. I wish Carl and Tracy nothing but the best with their new teams. Maybe 2 years from now we could see Carl back in a Rockets uniform! (one can only hope!). The Houston Rockets will be in action tonight at home vs the Pacers at 7:30pm on ch. 678 (DirecTv) and maybe tonight we will see Kevin Martin and Jordan Hill in Action.

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