Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Half!

With more than half of the NBA season already been played out who would have thought that the Houston Rockets would be right there in the playoff hunt? The Rockets as of today are 3rd in the Southwest division with a record of 26-22. The Rockets so far this season have had great bench production especially from 6th man of the year candidate Carl Landry who is averaging 16.5 ppg and is second to Lebron James in fourth quarter points at just about 8 points, also the Rockets have had 3rd year point guard Aaron Brooks come to life this season leading the team in points with 19.3 points a game and also hitting .391 percent from behind the arc. so far this season the Rockets have had there ups and downs with great wins in L.A vs the Lakers and in Dallas vs the Mavericks and then you look at the bad ones that they have had but i like to block those games out myself! With the Rockets just finishing the longest home stand of the year witch they finished it with a 5-5 record! very disappointing cause lots of those games they had there chances but fell asleep on the defensive side of the ball and another big part is something every team should be able to so and that hit there free throws in the Rockets case seem to be getting worse at! cause in the beginning of the season the Rockets where among the top teams in free throw shooting and now are around 18th in the league. The Rockets now await the NBA trade deadine cause they are waiting to see who will be willing to take Tracy Mcgrady of there hands and give them back a young prospect and a center so the Rockets are now just playing the waiting game till then. After the All-Star Break the Rockets should have a better idea on who they truly are and can be with a trade and getting Kyle Lowry back who is on the IL with strain knee. With 34 games left in the season i see the Rockets getting back to there hustle play and making the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed. The next Rockets game will be with the new and very improved Memphis Grizzlies in Memphis at 7pm on ch. 678 on DirecTV.

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