Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Loss!

The Houston Rockets last night faced the Orlando Magic at home. The Rockets from the Beginning of the game where just over powered with the Magics defense and everything else. The Rockets just looked like they where the Nets looking for their first win of the season, just plain terrible! At one point in the game the Rockets were down by more than 20 points and in the third quarter they seem to try to make a last push heading into the fourth. But the Magic team they were facing tonight was to strong in all parts of the game. The only bright spot for the Rockets last night was the good play from Aaron Brooks who continues to play well this year, and also the good second half by Kevin Martin who seem to look for his shot in the third and fourth. The Rockets did manage to cut that 20+ lead by the Magic down to 4 but the Magic came back and put the Rockets away winning the game 110-92. Brooks finished the game with a team high 24 points and Martin finished with 19 points with 17 of those points coming in the 2nd half. The Rockets will face the Spurs and then go on the road to face the Jazz in Utah. No word yet on when Kyle Lowry will return to action and Trevor Ariza is most likely to miss both up coming games and then be looked at again by the teams doctor. The Rockets are now in the 11th seed in the west.

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