Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Trade or Bad Trade?

With the Houston Rockets Recent trade with the Knicks and Kings who got the better end of it so far? Carl Landry is 0-2 so far with the Kings and scoring 18 points last night vs the Suns. Tracy Mcgrady is 0-1 with the Knicks scoring 26 points in a overtime effort vs the Oklahoma City Thunder. And as for our guys, Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries (the only 2 of the 4 that have played) are 0-2. Martin is really struggling with the Rockets shooting is down since joining the Rockets and his free throw attempts are down as well. Is it just a matter of time till all the guys involved in the trade settle down and start to fit in and play like they did back with their old squads? Only time will tell. The Rockets won't play again till Wed. So the new player will have some practice time and hopefully get the game plan down and will be able to perform well vs the Spurs at home.

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