Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Loss!

The Houston Rockets faced the Philadelphia 76ers tonight in Philly in another back to back game for the Rockets. The Rockets came out with some energy from Tracy who scored the Rockets First 8 points with drives to the basket. The Rockets where challenged early on with the 76ers constantly taking the ball to the basket and making the Rockets play D! in witch tonight they did not do! The 76ers kept the game close for the most part in the first half with great play from Andre Iguodala who kept the Rockets on there toes all night while he knocked down open jumpers and drove the ball to the basket and got fouls calls all night long. At the end of the hale the score was 55-53 in favor of the Rockets. In the third quarter the Rockets looked like a old washed up team as they could not get back on defense and made terrible passes that either was thrown away or stolen for easy baskets. The Rockets where out Scored 26-16 in the third quarter and the 76ers never looked back as the Rockets could not get closer than 4 points losing the game tonight 104-96. The Rockets coach to me dose not know what to do at times cause you have players looking confused out there or playing lazy and he dose not take those guys out but dose take out the guys who are playing well like Von Wafer you played in my eyes very well but hardly played in the second half Von was 6-7 for 14 points in 26 minutes of action tonight While or other 2 stars played once again like they are just plain old ball players instead of stars. Tracy was 5-15 for 14 points and dishing out 9 assist and for our big man in the middle Yao Ming he finished the night with 14 points as well on 4-9 shooting. If yo ask me if your superstar center only takes 9 shots you are bound to lose alot of games like that! This is starting to be a every night thing for the Rockets i don't even think that they care if they lose a game anymore i mean seriously i mean so some emotion out there get a a tech once in awhile show the crowd that you care and that you are trying at least on 85 percent! There are only 2 guys on the Rockets that seem to give it there all every night and that is Von Wafer and Luis Scola! Scola was tonight leading scorer with 18 points. The Rockets have some serious soul searching to do on the flight to Boston where they play there 2nd game in a row and maybe another loss. The Rockets record with tonights loss in Philly is 21-15 3 games behind the Spurs and 8 games back to the west leading L.A Lakers and only a half a game ahead of the Jazz from being on the outside looking in from the playoff picture! So Houston if you dont want to have this season as a total disaster you better play some NBA basketball cause come to June you may be waiting for a ping pong ball!!!

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  1. Great job! Love reading your blog!